Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I thought of the future & I drew a blank 
I thought of the past & my heart just sank
I spun in a circle & fell to the floor
My tears were in a puddle when you walked out the door

Your warming arms, your trusting heart
How is it I could let this fall apart

The rain it comes
The soul it drains
The broken beat
Of a washed away flame

This is my reasoning as to answer why
It may not be right, but it gets me by
You were perfect it seemed, not one single flaw
Then you spoke in vain & the true you, I saw
You looked at me with that cold hard stare
Because of you I can no longer bare

The silence has come
We speak no more
The bravery I once possessed 
Now lies dead on the floor

(Drawing by me in 2005)

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