Thursday, December 29, 2016

Mexico #2

This year we had the pleasure of visiting Mexico not only once, but twice! This second time around we went away for our 3 year wedding anniversary (November 27 to December 4) and we went to the Riviera Nayarit (near Puerto Vallarta). We stayed at the Riu Vallarta and we're spoiled with a lovely vacation once again! 

Overall we had an amazing experience and are so grateful that we were able to save our money and treat ourselves! 

Here are some photos to make you all a little jealous ;) 

(Sunset the day we arrived -November 27, 2016)
(Dippin' in the pool)
(Beach volleyball every single day)
(Headstand in the centre of the resort)

(Walk along the beach)
(Champagne for our 3 year wedding anniversary -November 30, 2016)
(Pool bar at night)
(Mark loooves the exotic wildlife)
(Friends we made from England: Alex and Ang-Harad Young) 
(Poolside "Crazy" game)
(Sunset our last dinner out -December 3, 2016)

All-inclusive just makes us feel so spoiled and even better, carefree! It really is an effortless getaway! 

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  1. All inclusive's are awesome!! Glad you had a great time. Yoga is something I've really wanted to do on a tropical island some but I haven't managed to fit it into our vacations yet...but I will!!