Friday, March 3, 2017


It seems I took a brief hiatus from blogging. I'm not sure if it was lack of motivation from being sick for so long, or just a general unwillingness to share, but it seems the writing bug is trickling back so I thought I'd jump on it while the energy is here. 

Today I would like to discuss my fitness goals for this year. 

#1: Squat 160lbs (1 rep max)
#2: 20 full push-ups consecutively 
#3: 1 complete unassisted pull-up 

I am also continuing with my no french fries (almost 2 full years, and still going strong), and have added no potato chips to the docket as well. 

In addition, in order to maintain better body positivity, I have decided that I am only allowing myself to jump on the scale to weigh myself once a month (in an attempt to avoid negative feelings when I see the scale fluctuate a pound or two), and I will be taking progress pictures on the 1st of every month. Unfortunately, I missed January 1 (remember, I was sick for two months straight) however, here are my progress pictures for February and March 2017. I can honestly barely tell a difference, yet I am approx 4lbs heavier in the March 2017 photos.  

(February 1, 2017)

(March 1, 2017) 

My fitness regime is currently following along with Fitness Blender's FBFit program. I do 5 days a week of varying lower body, upper body, cardio, abs, stretching, etc. I also walk 5 days a week approx. 20-40 mins a day with my furry trainer (up and downhill), and I play volleyball 2 to 3 times per week for approx 2 hrs a day.

I am trying to stick with relatively "clean" eating habits, but this is the area I tend to struggle most with. I am however, choosing lots of chicken, veggies, and rice for dinner times, and a lot of veggies and hummus or fruit and yogurt for snack times.

Where are you at in your fitness lifestyle?


  1. You look great to always! I took a little blogging hiatus too...not planned. Just not feeling it. My fitness regime seems to have fallen off a bit due to a nagging shoulder injury, but I'm still remaining active. I think I could do well with a 1x per month weigh in, but I'm not ready for that yet!!

    1. It's funny how the writing tendancies kinda slip away from time to time!
      The scale thing, the first month was hard not jumping on anytime I thought I felt heavier than usual (to see if I needed to mentally beat myself up for that extra lb or two), but this last month has been much much easier, just eating fresh food and feeling much more fresh.