Sunday, January 14, 2018

30 before 30: Get a couples massage

Since I haven't yet turned 30, I decided it's still okay for me to continue with my 30 before 30 endeavor where I left off. And, it turns out, before I ditched the whole blogging thing for the last almost year, I actually did check off one of my items. 

In 2016 while Mark and I were in Mexico for the 2nd time ever, we decided to spoil ourselves with a couples massage from the spa at the resort we stayed at.


I still cannot believe we waited as long as we did to have a couples massage, let alone our first massage ever. It was so calming, relaxing, and therapeutic. 

I thought the nudity, and being touched by a stranger was totally going to erk me, but to be honest I didn't even think about those things. The most displeasing thing about the whole experience was that I was a wee chilly in the room from time to time, but I think that's is just a "me" thing -  I'm always cold. 

Anyway, happy to say I checked off another item from my 30 before 30 list, and can't wait for my next massage. 

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