Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fashion? Style?


I actually know very little on this topic.....I like to try to look good. I would say I try to aim for a style that says: Look how cute I look, but I didn't even have to try.

Sadly, I fail at this almost every time. Because, even if I do end up liking the outfit I come up with, it probably took me minimum two hours of rummaging through my closet, barrelling through drawers and hangers of clothing that I just don't seem to be satisfied with. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a lot of the clothes I have, but one day I may love the way I look in a shirt or pair of pants, and the next, I'll think that same top or bottoms is terribly unflattering in some way.

Most of the time, if I don't actually have somewhere to be, I spend most of my time in cozy sweats, and oversized sweaters (this probably is also partly because if I'm not wearing my scrubs for work, I'm usually headed to volleyball in my sweats, or out for a run). That being said though, I do every once in a while like to try to make myself presentable. 

Thankfully I have my fashionista sister, Dianna, who I can always count on for advice, but I really do wish it came a little more naturally on my own.  

About a month ago she came over and helped me purge my closet. I started by just getting rid of anything damaged (holes, permanent sweat stains, ripped seams, etc.). I then went and literally tried everything on. If it didn't fit, gone, if it was worn thin, gone. (I did hang on to a few pairs of my smaller jeans just in case, because I just didn't quite have the heart to ditch them yet).

I then went through and categorized all my clothing: t-shirts together, layering tanks together, blouses together, dresses together, etc. In each category I then made sure I didn't have too many duplicates . If I had two long sleeve grey sweaters, I chose which was in better condition, or fit better, and that was the one I kept. Of course there always are a few exceptions, if both we're in really good condition and fit well, they do both get to stay (you don't want to just be throwing away $$).

After all was said and done, I think I ended up with a pretty good assortment of items. We then went through and Dianna showed me some suggestions for how to pair items. I realized I had a lot of items in my closet, that I just didn't know how or when to wear. Thankfully, she was able to give me some great suggestions and now I feel like I have a pretty workable wardrobe. I hope to start posting some outfit photos in the near future. 

My goal is to start snapping a photo any time I feel good in the outfit I'm wearing so that way, 1) I'll hopefully get some outfit posts going on here, and 2) I'll have a better recollection of the combinations of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

I hope you check back soon, and I would love to hear about your favourite fashions :)

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