Saturday, December 20, 2014

A prefect example:

If you read my post from yesterday you've quickly realized that I am not much of a Christmas person. It's not like I'm completely void of Christmas celebrating. I still do my part to participate in the family festivities, and I put on my shiny positive attitude when around others so as not to upset anyone, but last night my husband gave me the perfect example for why this time of year really gets under my skin. 

His work did a fantastic thing yesterday. The company donated over $10,000.00 worth of product to a school. Yesterday, a bunch of the employees went to the school and handed all the stuff out. It was a bit of an event, they had an assembly, and each of the 500 kids were handed some brand new item. I guess a bunch of parents came to the event as well. Now so far this all just sounds super positive and supportive, right? How could something like this make me hate this time of year. Well, here it is. Instead of the parents/families (the ones who are supposed to be mature) just being grateful that random people decided to give their kid/school something nice and new, the parents we're eagerly running back up to the employees asking for more product, claiming their kid had more siblings at home and would like something else as well.

Now, I get that of course, not everyone is well off, and that not every one can afford the same types of things for their families as others, but this just brings me to my point from yesterday. Where do people get off just assuming that they are deserving of so much more (and even if they are deserving, that it's just going to be gift wrapped and handed to them). To have the audacity to go up to someone who is donating their time and money, and ask for more, to me that is just unbelievable. Be grateful for what you are given. That's it. Whether you deserve more or not, be grateful for things that are just handed over to you. 

Well, I better stop before I get too angry ranting here. I thought yesterday was going to be my only negative Christmas post, but after hearing about what my hubby experienced last night, I just had to get this off my chest. 

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