Monday, March 23, 2015

Day 4 working on #25 of my 30 before 30 list: Do a Controlled Headstand

Here is a progress update on my attempt at doing a controlled headstand. 

Day 2 I already talked about in my previous post. I could barely even touch my head to the ground because it was so sore from day 1. However, I looked up some more information regarding headstands and I've definitely found the "flat spot" on my head which I should be more comfortable bearing some weight on. I also got Mark to try it out a couple of times and he was actually really good. Slightly discouraging for me since he was good at it already on his first try, but either way, it's fun to support his skill!

Day 3 I didn't take any videos but I tried doing the headstand with a wall behind me for that reassurance that I wouldn't tip all the way over. It definitely helped a bit because I wasn't so hesitate to get past that "pelvic push" over the "foundation of my shoulders." With only a few wall touches here and there I definitely made some progress. 

And now I am at Day 4 of my attempts. 

I will let the video speak for itself:

Overall a definite improvement compared to day one. Today my knees are staying closer together, it doesn't take as many "bounces" to get my legs off the ground, and I can even start to straighten the legs. Also, I even attempted a controlled dismount. 

A few things that I need to continue to focus on would be breathing, flexibility so that I can tuck the knees in tighter to help with that initial "bounce," and of course, straighten the legs directly above me.

All in all, I am pretty content with my progress after only four days. 

Soon enough I will be a confident headstander!


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  1. Great progress! You'll have this down in no time. :-)