Monday, April 13, 2015

MEC 5km Run April 12, 2015

(Sarah & I waiting to start our 2nd 5km MEC run)
This weekend my girlfriend, Sarah, and I did another 5km MEC run. Thankfully this one was not nearly as torturous as the first 5km MEC trail run in Squamish that we did last week. 

This run was near Stanley Park, along the Seawall, and past the Aquarium in Vancouver. The entire run had absolutely gorgeous scenery and the terrain was much easier for me to handle this time around. Instead of the entire first 2.5km being uphill (like the Squamish run), this one was filled with much more gradual inclines and declines and an overall more level/smooth terrain. (Check out the link for this runs map/elevation description)
We were lucky that the rain held off for the morning while we were running, but it was definitely still very cold and windy. MEC generously hosted a mini warm-up before the actual run took place, so we were able to get our blood pumping instead of hitting the pavement on cold legs. 

I thoroughly improved my pace this run, and I definitely think the terrain had something to do with it. My official time was: 28min25sec, with an average pace of 5min41sec per km. I came in 31 out of 106 5km female runners or 55 out of 151 total 5km runners.

Now, I've only done two of the MEC 5km runs, and they were incredibly different from each other, but I think it was good for me to experience the two extremes: steep uphill/downhill, trail terrain vs. gradual uphill/downhill, paved scenic terrain. I have to admit, I loved them both. I liked the challenge of the steep trail terrain, but I liked that on the paved terrain I felt much more in control of my pace. Obviously both types of terrain have their advantages and disadvantages so I plan on checking out more running events in both categories.

(Sarah and I both after finishing in under 30mins)
What type of terrain do you prefer to run?


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