Friday, May 15, 2015

A long stretch

Here's how my last few days have gone down: 
-I called in sick to work Friday night
-Played in a Reverse 4s volleyball tournament in Abbotsford Saturday morning. 
-Got even more sick Saturday afternoon (sore throat, congested)
-Fell down in the middle of the night in the bedroom early Sunday morning (I was getting up to go pee and I totally tripped and fell)
-Had Sunday Mother's day brunch at Lonsdale Quay with my family
-Had Monday to Wednesday off where I attempted some of my Fitness blender workouts and a few light jogs which turned into walks (nasal congestion totally slows me down)
-Had dinner with the in-laws Wednesday evening
-Went back to work Thursday night which was my first of a stretch of 6 nights in a row this week

And well, now I'm sitting here typing away exhausted and filled with dread. I just managed to finish a 1000 calorie workout from Fitness Blender, and I did a 35 minute run. Normally at least I would be thoroughly looking forward to the long weekend, but like I said before, I am only just about to start night 2 of a stretch of 6, which yes, if you counted correctly, that means I am working straight through the entire long weekend until Wednesday morning. 

Since I won't have much of anything exciting to post for this coming weekend, I just thought I would finish todays post off with some photos of the family from last weekend when we did our mothers day brunch excursion.

(Mark & I)

The boys
(From left to right: Mark, Stu, Mike, Dad, missing: Sid)

The Girls
(From left to right: Mom, Christina, Dianna, me, Nona, missing; Leigh)

The gang - Yes, Stu and Mark are being ridiculous
(From left to right: Mom, Grandpa, Nona, Dad, Dianna, Mike, Christina, Mark, Stu)

(Dianna and Stu)

(Mark & I)
(Beautiful mom on mothers day)

(A little "Bro-mance" going on)
(Grandpa and Nona)

(The girls)
Hope you enjoyed the photos!

I'd love to hear h your last little stretch of days before the long weekend is treating you?


  1. May long is totally overrated if you ask me. It's always cool, always rains, the roads are congested with traffic and all the camp sites are super busy. We are staying home, and you are not missing out!

    1. Haha yeah, we probably wouldn't have planned anything anyway, it just sucked doing such a long stretch of nights while I wasn't feeling well.

  2. Your brunch dress is really cute! I hope working went okay for you. I'm feeling sick right now, actually now that you mention it...

    1. Aww thanks! It's, of course, a Winners find!
      I survived my stretch of 6 nights. I'm still pretty congested....there's definitely something going full circle at work.