Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just Like Summer!

In the spirit of the hot hot weather we have been so lucky to have lately, I had to take full advantage and get out and enjoy it yesterday!

I gathered up Mark, the pup, a volleyball, kickball, frisbee, towels and drinks and met up with some close friends at Crescent Park. We spent the afternoon lounging in the sun, hanging out with the dogs, playing various miscellaneous sports, and just enjoying the outdoors. It was nice to just kick back and relax, and although its only late may, it really felt like a blissful summer day!

(Me & Captain)
(Nicole & Apollo)
(Captain & Apollo)

(So much space for so many activities - those people in the background are our friends waiting for Steve to bat)

(Nothing beats good company)

(Mark enjoying a beer)

(Matt & Nicole enjoying some snuggle time)

(Tasha & Lucas doing...who knows what...)

After about five hours at the park, we finally realized how hungry we all were and so we headed to Original Joe's so that we could chow down and enjoy a few cocktails!

(Mark on the patio at Original Joe's)
(Beer & Cocktails on the patio)

It was a fantastic day had by all, and since summer hasn't even really begun, there will be plenty more of these to come!



  1. It's been really amazing lately, I'm glad you got to enjoy it!!

    1. You bet! And I'm so lucky I have so many nice parks n chunks of beach close by :)