Friday, November 20, 2015

Ladies Night Fashion Show

Yesterday was my beautiful mom's birthday!!

To celebrate we went to Get Dressed (a little boutique my sister, Dianna, used to work at in North Van), where my mom and Dianna got to be part of a mini fashion show.

The store was having a promotional event with various gift bag giveaways (by donation) as well as 20% off the entire store. The event was to support mental illness awareness. 

Surprisingly, even with all our busy schedules, myself, all three of my sisters, my mom, and one of my aunts were all free on the same night and able to go to the event. It was a night filled with gossip, chaos, glamour, accessories, and of course spending some $ on fashion! 

As a present for my mom, we let her pick out a couple items from the store (after the fashion show chaos was over) and we bought them for her. But honestly it was just nice to spend quality time with all the gals. Of course checking out all the name brand fashion doesn't hurt though either!

The store carries some pretty high fashion name brands: Wildfox, Sandwich, James Perse, etc. (all of which are brands I had never heard of until my sister introduced me to them). I did my best to resist all the beautiful, extremely high priced, temptation (I'm on a very strict budget right now) so I only ended up purchasing one item: the red wine/rust color graphic long sleeve t-shirt (see below). Its good hYOUman - $69 (after the 20% discount).

Top: All of us with our goodies, from left to right - Christina, me, Mom, Leigh, Nandi, Dianna
Left: From front to back - Leigh, Nandi, Christina
Right: The store was completely packed!

Top Left: The outfit I chose to wear to the event
Bottom Left: The new "good hYOUman" shirt I bought
Right: From front to back - Me, Leigh, Nandi, Christina

After the long evening of shopping we finally grabbed a bite to eat at the Two Lions pub across the way. Again, it was filled with good food, easy conversation, and lots of laughter! I don't think anyone could have asked for a better way to spend my mom's birthday!


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