Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday Fashion Fun-Day: New Dress

I have recently discovered what might now be my new favorite store: Plenty

My girlfriend Vanessa and I went shopping a few weeks ago at Metrotown and she introduced me to this delightful little boutique. 

It was one of those stores where pretty much everything I picked up I just had to try on! So many of the items were so simple yet they had a unique little flavor. The big downside of this store though was that everything is a wee bit on the higher price range so sadly I had to pick and choose a favorite instead of getting absolutely everything! Quality over quantity is something I am getting more and more on board with these days. 

This dress is what I ended up with: 

It's Monk and Lou, 100% polyester, and falls just so, that it is literally effortless to wear. It is a teency bit wide in the underarm area (I am pretty small chested) but regardless this is still the most comfortable dress I have ever owned. Also, it's sooooo versatile. I could wear it as is-super simple, with a jean jacket and sneakers-cute/casual, or with some heels and glamorons jewelry for an evening look (I plan on wearing it to an upcoming wedding)! The possibilities are endless!

I love finding new treasures and this is one that will be long lasting in my closet. I have no doubts it will stand the test of time!  


  1. Such a cute dress, great find! You're right, the styling options are endless! You will get a lot of wear out of it.

    1. Thanks Miriam! I'm glad you like it :)