Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Truth (2005)

A beautiful bird with wings so free
A girl with dreams for you to see
She spoke her heart, with emotions so wild
You would think she was still just a little child

A brave young girl, for she knows this well
Not everything is perfect, but you must not dwell
So enjoy her laugh, with such happiness and love
But don't forget the tears, because we can't always have fun

So then you ask, "Is she truly happy? She must not know the truth.
In a world full of hurt and heartache it must just be her youth."

But no, she reply's, "all you need is to believe
because as we all know, nothing is for free. 
The secret lies within us all
The strength in knowing that you might just fall"

Now you must decide, do you trust this young girl?
She hasn't lived 100 years, nor has she seen the world.
But maybe knowledge isn't always that kind of smarts,
Just dig a little deeper and you will see that some things are better found by the truth in our hearts


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