Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Best Tip To Ensure You Don't Skip Your Workout!

I have an incredibly unsteady work schedule (sometimes I work days, sometimes evenings, sometimes nights, sometimes twice a week, sometimes 6 times a week, get the point), and therefore I have a very unpredictable life schedule. 

I recently had a co-worker comment on my ability to always get my workout done considering the awkward/unpredictable hours of our career, and she was pleasantly surprised but what my "trick" is, so I thought I'd better share! 

Aside from over coming the mentality of "I don't have the time" vs. "I am not making this a priority," my best tip to ensure I get my workout done each day is: put on your workout clothes immediately. 

Regardless of what type of day I have planned (or not), this tip ensures I have one less excuse not to get my workout done. If I work in the morning, as soon as I come home I change in to my workout clothes. Even if I still have errands to run, dinner to cook, etc., when that spare moment arises I'm already ready. Same goes if I don't work until the evening. I wake up and immediately get dressed in my workout gear. I can still walk the dog, grocery shop, do laundry, etc., but again, I'm already ready for my workout! 

Thankfully we live in a time wear it's relatively trendy to wear fitness fashion on the go so it's not like I look like a major slob, however, if I do have somewhere "nicer" to be, where I can't get away with tights and a tshirt, sometimes I just only put on my sports bra instead underneath. For me it's easy enough to just want to sit on the couch and relax, but already having my gear on (or partially on) makes me feel silly if I don't make use of it! 

(I had an appointment in the middle of the day this day so I just wore my sports bra and spandex underneath my regular clothes)
So there you have it, my quick tip for how to help boost your motivation to get your workout done everyday! 


  1. Simple, yet genius! Sometimes a tiny change in your routine can make a huge impact. You look smokin' girl!

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