Thursday, February 25, 2016


I've been feeling a vast variety of emotions, concerns, wistful, as well as will-less thinking. I've decided it's about time for a rant to help me get out of this rut, because really, what better way to get out of my own head, then putting myself out in the world. 

Here is what is running through my mind lately:

-I'm anticipating getting knocked out of my temporary job within the next month, which means I go back to casual, which means I lose my start date, and I build seniority slower, so really...what was the point of the last two years? Ugh, what to do with myself I really on the right career path? 

-Even though we will potentially get approved for an almost $600,000.00 mortgage, the pursuit of house purchasing reminds me how terrible we were with our money over the years, how far away we are from actually obtaining a home, and how choosing what/where to purchase means a lot of long term decision making. How do we decide what kind of future we want?

-I've hit a bit of a plateau fitness wise. I'm really struggling stepping up the amount of weight I'm lifting (which I desperately need in order to maintain my fitness goals), and I'm slowly starting to lose motivation maintaining my healthier eating habits. I've just been feeling so discouraged lately that it makes me want to give up on all the progress I've made. 

Do I love what I do for work? 
Do I have enough fun on my days off? 
Should we up & leave and build a life somewhere new?
Should I try some drastic dietary adjustment? 
Where do I see myself in 20 to 30 years? 
What should I do with myself?  

What's running through your mind on repeat lately? 


  1. I'm sure we all have those thoughts sometimes, I know that I do! None of us can predict the future, which is a good thing. All we can do is live in the here and now, and try to enjoy it! And, as always, I believe that we tend to be too hard on ourselves. We think we need to have it all figured out, but we don't! Nobody knows what they are doing, some people just fake it better than others, that's my opinion.
    It's hard to give "advice", so I won't try; all I can say is, try to relax and go with the flow. Listen to your heart, and do what feels good. Work is work, it's no dream job, but for now it will do ;-)

    1. Thanks for the support Miriam...going with the flow has always been a tough task for me...I'll keep working on it. I'm usually such a planner so when I don't have a set schedule I get a little lost.