Sunday, April 3, 2016

Our Big Baby

(Mark & I with Captain Axel - approx. 2 yrs old & 80lbs) 
Mark and I discussed and agreed long ago that we don't want kids of our own. It's funny though because having a puppy can be eerily similar to a baby, or so I'm told - I will never really know for sure. 

One similarity that I do feel pretty certain about though is the unconditional love we share. The bond between us is so strong that I can't even comprehend a life without him. Although challenging at times (especially in the initial few months), he has brightened our life in such a way that Mark and I have become stronger both individually as well as as husband and wife. 

Having a puppy has changed us for the better and here are just a few of the reasons why: 
-he's a sucker for routine, but relishes in spontaneity 
-he knows how to appreciate the simple things in life 
-he will show/make you feel a wide complexity of emotions 
-he trusts instinctively 
-he never says no to a walk, no matter how long or short 
-he knows how to get what he wants (ie more space/blankets in bed, or extra treats) however, he will always let you have what you need first

There are a million more reason why having a fur baby is one of the best decisions Mark and I have ever made and I plan to share more and more with you in the future. 
Do you have a fur baby? I'd love it if you shared at least one reason why you love them!


  1. They make me laugh every day.
    Nobody is ever as excited for me to come home as they are.
    They are my personal trainers: Make me go for walks even if I don't feel like it, and cheer me on when I do yoga.
    They give the best kisses (sorry Rich).
    They make our life complete!