Friday, April 8, 2016

Summer Is In The Air!

Although we've barely even entered into spring time, we've already reached up to about 23 degrees celsius so as far as I'm concerned Summer is basically here! 

Although I still haven't put away my rainboots yet, just in case, I definitely have brought out my bathing suits and flip flops! I've been going for tons of long leisurely walks with Mr. Captain enjoying the hot rays and today I finally decided to hit up the beach and just relax for a while! It was sooooo nice! My friend Vanessa came and joined me, we tossed a frisbee for a while, lounged, and just enjoyed some good ol' chit chat! It was perfection! 

(Vanessa & I at West Beach in White Rock, BC)
I'm so lucky it was such a beautiful day! What's the weather like in your area? 

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