Saturday, August 6, 2016

Whistler Weekend

Last weekend we headed to Whistler for the TFC annual Mountain Madness volleyball Tournaments.  

Unfortunately I was not feeling great during the week but after taking an evening off work and getting some much needed rest, we made our way up the mountain and we're ready to play in the early morning. 
(Drive up to Whistler)
Saturday was R2s and Sunday was R4s. 

Saturday we did OK. We definitely played better in the morning but then as soon as the gusty wind rolled in, we struggled hard. Oh well, overall it was better than last year when I had my broken foot!  
(Mark & I on Saturday for the R2s tourney)

In the evenings we wandered through the village, ate some food, and hit up a free concert in the Plaza area! 
(Top left: Vanessa and I taking in the outdoor concert from afar, Top right: Vanessa and I after dinner walking through the village, Bottom: Mark and I at the Olympic rings during the outdoor concert)

Sundays tournament was a whole other story in comparison to Saturday. Even though it was equally as windy, playing 4s we did really well! We actually came in 2nd place OVERALL! It was a bit of a bummer that we didn't get the 1st place victory however, we had some satisfaction knowing we knocked out not only last year's champions, but a few other really strong, favored teams! 
(From left to right: Vanessa, Me, Mark & Steve - R4s tourney on Sunday)
All in all it was a great weekend! Although exhausting and I ended up more sick after (excessive sun and exertion for two days straight will do that, plus working a night shift immediately after), it was still so totally worth it! 
(Misc photos and Mark and I throughout the two days at the tourney)
(Group shot of a the vball people we spent a ton of time with at the tourneys!)
I cannot wait again for next years tourney!

What did you get up to August long weekend? 


  1. So fun!
    And your body is banging, girl!

    1. Haha thanks Miriam! It's been a lot of time n effort and is still a daily work in progress, but I'm loving the results!