Friday, October 16, 2015


It seems I went kind of MIA again. did that happen?

I haven't posted in about 3 weeks. The last time I went that long without posting was between June and July, shortly after I broke my foot.  Hopefully this doesn't become a regular occurrence, because I have to admit I've really grown fond of blogging. As much as I love all the other things I do in my life, sometimes it's really nice just to sit down and write.

So enough of that mushy stuff, what has kept me MIA the last few weeks you ask? Well here's an update:

Here is my favorite purchase from the summer: 

It's from Aritzia. Super easy to wear, can easily dress it up or down, and I look forward to pairing it with tights and boots in the winter. 

I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but I took a new temporary position at work so I am no longer doing my terrible night shifts. I now work a mostly day shift schedule, which has been great for my mental health, but honestly not so great for my physical health (I'm not working out nearly as consistently as I was before).

In the last month of being on orders for "no high impact" because of my broken foot, I gained a full 10lbs, yep, you heard me, 10lbs! About three weeks ago I got the okay to start back up with my usual routine, and so far I have shed about 5lbs. I still have another 5lbs to get back to what I was, and another 5lbs after that to get to my target, but honestly it just feels good to be sweating and jumping and running, etc.
(Looking sweaty after a workout)

Summer is officially over here in Canada, however in the last week we have had a few beautiful sunshiny days so I'm just trying to soak the last little bit of it up by going for as many walks as possible on my days off, and by taking Capt'n out to the dog park.

I know I didn't mention this when it first happened because, honestly, I was devastated. But, I think now I am ready to talk about it. Our 6ish year old cat, Bear, has passed away. It was an abrupt and scary situation. He got way to sick way to fast, and sadly, Mark and I made the tough decision to put him down instead of making him suffer. He is forever in our hearts and will be dearly missed. My heart aches for him everyday.

The other pets, Mouse and Capt'n, had a rough time trying to cope for the first few days after Bear passed, but I think it actually ended up bringing the two of them closer, because now from time to time I will find them sleeping side by side or rubbing up against each other - something that would have never happened before.
Oh, also, I think Capt'n is getting bigger.

And finally....
My co-ed 6s league in Abbotsford started up, and so far we haven't moved up pools yet, but I'm optimistic about our team.
In even bigger news though, I made the brave move of taking over my Womens 6s Volleyball League. It's been a long time since I've been in charge of something (I had to get in touch with all the teams to ensure everyone was still playing, I had to contact a new school and coordinate timing, I had to collect payment and waivers from all players, write up the schedule, make sure we had balls, etc.), but honestly it was so much fun, and the ladies were so appreciative of what I had worked out so it felt great to get some credit for my time and hard work. As intimidating as it was, taking over a project like this really reminded me how much I enjoy being in the gym. I really do think I want to pursue some sort of endeavor where I run a gym/fitness/volleyball facility. Mark came to help me out last night (set up nets, record scores, etc.) and honestly it was a lot of fun to be working on a little project like that together. I'm excited for what the future holds for us!

Well, that's all for today. Just a little update on the life I've been leading lately.

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