Saturday, October 17, 2015

Staying Motivated

A huge problem I face every day is finding a way to stay motivated. For instance, the other night I was all over the internet looking up places to try out a yoga class. I found a place that offered a session for the following night. I was super pumped, and feeling super motivated that I was going to just dive into something new and fitness related (I'm getting a little nervous about the upcoming holidays and all the binge eating that goes along with them). I had my day all planned: work until 345pm, home by 430pm. A quick walk with the pup, a snuggle with the hubby, and then I'd be off to check out a 645pm yoga class. 

Well, can you guess? I didn't end up going. I got home from work and all motivation from the previous night and even earlier in the day, vanished into thin air. 

I am frequently guilty of this. Plans for exercise, healthy life choices, and then I just do what feels comfy instead. Not to say that lounging around isn't healthy (let's face it, we all need those lazy days once in a while in order to keep our sanity), but I just wish I could be more consistent. I wish I knew why, as soon as I get home, I lose all motivation to want to head out and hit up the gym, or check out a class. Why is it so easy to succumb to staying in instead of just fitting in a quick 30 minute run, or 50 minute class?

Am I the only one that this happens to so frequently? How do you guys stay motivated??



  1. haha reading this felt like you were talking about my life! Haven't been to a yoga class since we moved (uhhmm a year ago...) BUT when I lived in WR I went to Vayusha- super awesome and you can register for a class the night before which totally motivated me to actually go! (Otherwise the class still came off my card)

    1. Oh yes, I remember you talking about that place but I could never remember the name!
      I'm going to have to finally try it now :)