Thursday, December 24, 2015

How Did I Do? 2015 Resolutions

So people, are you as eager as I am to find out how I did on my 2015 resolutions

Here we go:

Stop Biting Nails
Nope, not even close. I maybe did well for a week or two at a time, but regardless, I still have the ugly short, yucky nails. Maybe 2016? 

Workout On My Days Off
I'm saying CHECK! to this one. I may not workout on my days off exactly , but my workout regime improved immensely. I started off the year a bit rocky, but found Fitness Blender in March and was working out about 3 times per week. By late May, early June, I was using Fitness Blender 3-5 times per week. Sadly at the end of June I broke my foot and re-broke it again right before August long weekend so those injuries totally limited my workout ability/consistency. However, since late September I have been working out minimum 5 times per week, and am showing no signs of slowing down! 

Spend Minimum 1hr Outdoors Everyday 
CHECK! As I expected this one was pretty easy. Walking the dog, going for runs, playing at the dog park, lounging at the field, etc. were all activities I usually do anyway so I just extended my times slightly longer. Sure there were the odd days where I didn't quite succeed, but overall,  the year as a whole, I did really well! 

Pay Off Debt
Semi-check! The student loan (almost $25,000.00 including interest) is completely paid off, and the credit card is completely paid off, however I hate admitting that we still have about $8000 on the Line of Credit to pay off (we had a couple small set backs this year that slowed the process - car repairs, pet expenses, car insurance due all at the same time, trip to Alberta, trip to Sechelt, etc.)

Major fail! I didn't even try....enough said. 

Blog (Read, Write, Photography)
CHECK! I have kept the blogging up all year (with only a couple weekly hiatus'), I read almost 1 book per month this year (I was reading tons when I was working nights, but not as much lately), and I do my best to take tons of pics to help improve my blog posts. I am still hoping to get a laptop and a camera (or better cellphone camera) sometime in 2016 so hopefully that will continue to inspire my slightly creative side, and keep up with all three of these things! 

Eat Out Less 
CHECK! We spent approximately $1500 less on eating out this year compared to 2014. I know that really only averages out to about $125 per month of savings, but I'm happy with our progress and I have even higher hopes for 2016.

Coach Volleyball
Unfortunately this did not happen. I was offered the opportunity to coach back in spring-ish time which I was thrilled about, but due to lack of sleep, my crummy night schedule, and my nervousness about being a head coach instead of starting off just helping out, I passed on the opportunity and am still regretting it. Hopefully another opportunity will come in 2016 and I will have the guts to say yes!

Stop Swearing
Better but still not great. 

Overall I am most pleased with my fitness progress and debt repayment for 2015! How did your 2015 resolutions turnout? 

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