Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sunshine Coast!

Two weekends ago the hubby and I visited the Sunshine Coast, B.C. We rented a house through VRBO and stayed about half way between Sechelt and Halfmoon Bay. We went along with two other couples-it's kind of becoming tradition that the six of us all go away together. Last year we did Tofino, this year Sechelt, and next year who knows. We also aim to do it around November 30 (our anniversary) as a little mini getaway! 

Friday Dec 4/15:
-hit the road at 7am
-caught the 920am ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale
-arrived at the house around 1130am (after stopping for snacks and booze, of course) 
-settled in
-enjoyed the view 
-ate out dinner at Smittys (an oyster bar)
-played endless boardgames 
-soaked in the hot tub 
(The view)
(Settlers of Catan, small town city lights, a little too relaxed, oysters from Smittys) 

Saturday Dec 5/15:
-woke up early and did two FB workouts with a stormy but breathtaking view
-ate a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, and mimosas
-did a mucky hike down to the beach 
-checked out the itty bitty Halfmoon Bay 
-made pasta dinner with salad and garlic bread
-endless board games again 
(Workout and hearty breakfast)
(Hike to the beach)
(Halfmoon Bay)
(Zombies boardgames,  and pasta dinner)

Sunday Dec 6/15:
-ate another hearty breakfast 
-packed up our things
-hit the road at 1030 am
-caught the 1120am ferry from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay
-made it home by 230pm
(Heading home)
The Sunshine Coast is an absolutely beautiful place! I can't wait to check it out maybe in the summer time! Have you traveled to any new destinations lately, near or far?

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