Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sunday Fashion Fun-Day: Workout Edition

Not much of a fashion post today simply because, as of late, I've been wearing nothing but scrubs at work and workout clothes at home, but I thought I'd share anyway!

You'd think I'd have some cozy, winterwonderland look that I've been rocking lately, but I haven't been out socially much this month, so there hasn't been much opportunity to get bundled up. 

Anyway, as far as the "fashion" is concerned, here are some examples of the workout outfits I've been living in:

(August 7, November 16, November 21, & December 9, 2015)

(October 30, November 24, November 25, & December 8, 2015) 

I wear a variety of brands (a lot of my finds are sale items at Winners) but I definitely feel that some are way more comfortable than others depending on the particular activity I'm doing. 

I'd also like to take a moment to relish in the fact that this post also kind of serves as a fitness progress update!  At the end of June 2015 I broke my foot, and then broke it again July 31, 2015. I wasn't allowed to get active again until September 25, 2015, and now here I am, two and a half months of hard work after recovering from a broken foot, and I am really starting to love and appreciate what my body is capable of. 

What's your go-to attire these days?

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