Friday, December 18, 2015

The Snowfall is Upon Us

Yesterday we had the first snowfall of the season. It didn't last very long but it was still totally worth going out in! 

Mr. Capt'n was very confused, yet quite intrigued (which is a little surprising considering he is 1/4 desert dog -Rhodesian ridgeback). I thought he was going to be cowering in fear the moment I took him out but he didn't seem to mind the cold one bit (he's boxer and ridgeback so both breeds give him a very short coat). He was happy to run, and jump, and chase sticks as if it were any other beautiful sunny day! I, on the other hand, was bundled tight in lots of layers: a scarf, gloves, and toque, plus many many sweaters! 

(Captain playing in the first snowfall of the season) 

How do you and your pets handle the cold? 

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