Sunday, March 20, 2016

Co-ed 6s POCO Volleyball League

Our co-ed 6s volleyball league wrapped up last week and we came in 3rd place. Unfortunately, we lost our quarter final match however, we did take it to a full 5 sets. We were up 2 sets to none, and then slowly the other team picked away at us and we ended up losing. We did however win our finals match and therefore ended up with the 3rd place victory! 

(From left to right: Steve, Mark, myself, Alyssa, Brendan, & Bryce) 
We definitely had some ups and downs throughout the season, and we rarely had our entire team together each week (lots of subs for various people and various reasons) however,  all in all it was a fun, competitive, and challenging season and I look forward to playing in it again!   -Linds 

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