Saturday, March 26, 2016

Women's 6s Winter Volleyball League

This past week was the Pool A finals for the Winter Season of my Women's 6s Volleyball League. We took our semi-final round to 3 games and came out with a win and then won our finals match in only 2 sets! 

(From left to right: Me, Lauren, Jackie, Vanessa, Barb, Jill)
(Missing: Tanis - Jackie & Lauren were kind enough to sub again this week) 

Our season had a few hiccoughs along the way (team member quitting early in the season, down to three or four players a couple of the nights, some family emergencies, some sicknesses, etc.), but all in all this has to have been one of the most fun seasons of volleyball I have ever played - some nights there was literally never ending laughter. 

Us ladies really came together as a group this winter and formed a great bond, and we also got the opportunity to welcome some new faces into our community of volleyball people when we needed subs! I am so grateful to have gotten to play competitively, and let's be honest pretty goofily, with these ladies and I can't wait for another season next fall! 

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