Monday, March 7, 2016

Goal Driven

I love to be working on something...there's no doubt about it. When I'm given a project, task, activity, etc., I go full force. I rarely procrastinate because nothing beats the satisfying feeling of getting a project done well, and not only on time, but early!

For a long time I had school to work on (always submitting assignments, or studying for exams), a few times I've had trips to plan, or moving to accommodate, however, lately I've noticed that I haven't really had much of a "project" to work on. 

So, I'm trying to think of what's next? 

What should I be working on, or working towards? 

I know I've got all my new fitness related projects (working out 5x a week, practicing my handstand, trying to do chin-ups, running my womens league, and working on setting up a 4s league), but I just don't quite feel that rush that I get when I'm really enlightened by a project that has more substance to it. 

So I am left wondering...where should I focus my attention...

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