Saturday, January 2, 2016

Monthly Mayhem: December 2015

I've decided to start a new trend for my blog this year. Each month, I hope to do a little re-cap of the previous month so here is my first go at it.

Here is the rundown for December 2015:

-Sunshine Coast (Dec. 4-6/15)

-Womens 6s Thursday League Finals (1st place!)

-Coed 6s Sunday League wrap up tourney (Dec. 12/15)

-Womens 6s League team wind-up dinner/drinks at Fox & Hound Pub
-2nd oldest sisters birthday dinner (30 years old)
-Christmas Eve dinner
-Christmas Day dinner 

-Completed 4 week program of #FBbooty and #FBabs (3 days late unfortunately, but completed nonetheless)
-Started #FBreach and #FB30 (included initial #FBphysicalfittest)

-Smoothies & shakes!!  I've been making lots and lots of smoothies this month!

-Started "We Are Pirates" by Daniel Handler 
-Still working on the French version of the 1st Harry Potter novel. 

How was your December? 

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