Friday, October 24, 2014

Uh oh, belly bulge...

In all the years that I have been playing volleyball, I have worn spandex for indoor, or a bathing suit and shorts for outdoor. I generally consider myself a pretty fit person. I've always had "bigger" legs, but I've also always had a pretty flat tummy so I never really complained, tit for tat right. 

Well, just the other day, I saw a photo of myself in my spandex and a sports bra, and I kid you not, my lower tummy was protruding over the waist band of my spandex. This is a first for me.....or at least that I have now physically noticed. Yes, I know, I am lucky that this is only just becoming a problem and it's not something I have struggled with all my life, but I am still absolutely mortified that I have been blind to the way my body is changing in this last little while.
Before & After
(I can't believe I am actually posting this on the internet)

I desperately don't want to become one of those women who, now that I am married, think I can just let myself go and stop trying to look good for my man. I love the way my husband looks at me, and it's important for me to believe that he wants to keep looking at me. So, I am now feeling more motivated than ever to get myself back in shape. I would love to hear some of your favourite get fit exercises. I am a particular fan of anything that takes very little time. I am trying to keep up with my running (usually a couple times a week), but I really would love any sort of quick couple step workout that I can literally do in the bedroom or bathroom right before I jump in the shower. 

I also know that weight changes aren't only reflective of exercise, but eating habits too. I, unfortunately, am a huge snack person. Even if I have just eaten a huge, well-rounded meal, I still cannot resist the urge find something to snack on. So my new goal is to try harder to only eat when I am actually feeling hungry, instead of right now where I eat because I am bored or stressed. Some other tips I have heard, are of course the usual eat lots of fruits and veggies etc. but the one that I think will be the easiest for me to keep up with is to drink 1 full glass of water before and after every meal. Apparently this is supposed to make you feel more full, and it also helps the digestion process. 

So, in my slightly traumatized, yet enlightened state of mind, I plan to add one extra day of running per week, do minimum one exercise before going in the shower (it can be a simple as 2 sets of 25 sit ups, as long as it's something physical), and to drink one full glass of water before and after every meal. 

Hopefully these few little changes will, if not show some progress, at least get me feeling cleaner and lighter so that I have more motivation to continue to pursue more challenging goals, with more drastic results. 

Either way I'll be happy to let you guys know how this turns out (even if I fail epically at all three goals), so I'd love it if you checked back for my updates :)

Happy healthy living!

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