Friday, October 17, 2014

West coast, the best coast!

Embracing beautiful British Columbia!

Yes, this really is the best place to live. Hot, hot summers, cold cold winters, and spring and falls filled with changing leaves, and rainy storms.

I love that one month I can be surfing & skimming the waves, and only a few months later, I can be up on the mountain boarding my way down.

One of my recent goals is to embrace the outdoors more. I just love being outside, and I definitely don't take advantage of all B.C. weather has to offer, but I am trying more and more to get outside.

I've only just recently learned to snowboard so I really hope this coming winter to give it another go because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I also really want to get out on the mountain to try snow-shoeing this winter.

Snowboarding Mt. Seymour
Snowboarding Mt. Seymour 

We're lucky here in Vancouver to have the Robson Square Outdoor Ice Rink so I definitely want to take advantage of that again.

Waiting for the Zamboni to finish at the Robson Square Outdoor Ice Rink

Don't worry, I'm not only a winter time outdoors kinda gal. Trust me, I love the outdoors during all seasons. 

In the summer time the hubby and I love to go skimboarding at White Rock Beach (we're a convenient 10 minute drive away), and we also have had a lot of fun heading to Vancouver Island to do some surfing. Again, we're not super experienced or anything, but just any opportunity to be outdoors, active and trying something new and challenging is a must in my book. 

Skimboarding at White Rock Beach
Surfing in Tofino

One of my favourite all year round outdoor activities is Camping! Obviously it's much easier and warmer if we go in late spring, summer, or early fall, but it really can be done any time as long as you're properly prepared. Unfortunately Mark and I didn't get to do any camping trips this year (my work schedule was much to uncoordinated), but hopefully next year we will get right back into it and get to bring the pup along with us. 

Mark Setting up our tent at Cultus Lake Campground

Now don't get me wrong, it's not like I have to be doing something extravagant to get me outdoors, I also adore doing the more basic things too. I try to plan leisure days at the park tossing a football with friends, playing California Kickball, or of course, playing volleyball. I love taking the dog out for daily walks both in the neighbourhood and at nearby parks, I do my best to run weekly as well, and I love when Mark takes me out for a ride on the motorcycle. Next summer I think I'm going to try to convince Mark to get bicycle bikes so we can do some leisurely cycling as well, but we'll see how that goes when the time comes!

Anyway, I plan to have many more outdoor adventure stories to share so stayed tuned, and I would love to hear about some of your favorite outdoor activities no matter what the season!

Take care & embrace nature!

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