Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What is the deal with the tall socks?

Far left: Me after winning Harry Jerome Sports Complex co-ed 4s league
Top: Me playing in a co-ed 6s tournament in Abbotsford, B.C.
Bottom: My high school junior girls team front row line up
Right: My current women's 6s league (yes, we're a player short here)
If you've gone on the court a couple of times, or even just watched any men's or women's volleyball, you've probably noticed some of the players wearing tall, almost knee high socks. 

If you're not quite used to the sport, then you're probably thinking: "Rididculous! Why on earth are they wearing those!"

I used to think the same thing when I saw the older players in high school doing it, but then I soon became one of them. 

Let me enlighten you. No, it is not a fashion trend (although, we all know there are players out there who do it for the sheer look instead of the practicality of it). Yes, it's actually practical. I got taught to wear the tall socks (no they don't have to be knee high, but anything taller than ankle will suffice) for one purpose only. Here it goes, you ready for this? 

Drum roll please!.....: 

To clean your shoes without getting your hands and face dirty. 

"What the eff!?"  is what you are probably thinking. 

Let's be honest, even a freshly cleaned gym floor, is never really clean. We run around all over the floor and yes, eventually our shoes get mucked up, covered in dust, and lose their grip. 

In between plays, take your right foot and wipe the sole on the left side sock, and vice versa. Ta da! Clean shoes, and you haven't had to use your hands to wipe em (which I promise you will eventually use to touch your face - i.e wipe sweat away, move your hair off your face, etc.). Now you have cleaner shoes pretty much for every play, without getting all the gym floor grime all over your self. Yes, by the end of it your socks will be filthy, but easy enough because those just get thrown into the wash when you get home :)

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