Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Upcoming anniversary

Today's post I am actually looking for some advice. My husband and my first wedding anniversary is coming up in a little over a month and I am debating what kind of gift to get him. Typically we aren't very big on the whole gift thing, and we usually just end up getting something that we need as a couple (i.e. new sheets, couch, etc), or just do a date night, or a night in baking goodies together with maybe a long walk. 

I know traditionally for wedding anniversaries, each year is a different type of item, and the first year is supposed to be paper.

Now we aren't a very traditional couple (we moved in together after only about six months, we got married only two months after getting engaged, we got married outdoors in the pouring rain in the middle of fall, and our babies are our pets), but for some reason I have this urge to follow tradition on this one. 

Should I go traditional or should we keep pushing the boundaries and stick with our usual non-traditional?

I've found a list of all the traditional items based on the anniversary year so I've included it here just for reference:

1. Paper
2. Cotton
3. Leather
4. Linen
5. Wood
6. Iron
7. Wool
8. Bronze
9. Pottery
10. Tin
11. Steel
12. Silk
13. Lace
14. Ivory
15. Crystal
20. China
25. Silver
30. Pearl
35. Coral
40. Ruby
50. Gold

Clearly we have a ways to go to get through all of these but the first is paper. 

I've looked up a few ideas on-line and most of the suggestions are some sort of framed wedding memento, a coupon book, or a "why I love you" book. Now these ideas are all well and good, but again, we aren't a very traditional couple so I hoping to come up with something a little more out of the box. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

That is all for now, 

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