Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I got the okay from my Ortho doctor that my foot "looks good and is healed," and therefore I should have no problem starting up my low impact activities like biking and the elliptical. He did however warn me that although my foot looks good, if I do go for a run (hard impact) it'll probably still be somewhat painful, but, that doesn't mean that I can't run, I just need to be careful.  

I am so excited that I get to start this week off on the right foot.....get it, that's my broken one, hehe, lame joke, I know, but I don't care because I am just way too excited. I can hardly believe that I finally get to go back to being myself again. No more moping around the house feeling left out because I can't participate in my usual activities. I can start running again, doing my FitnessBlender workouts, going back to volleyball, etc.

It was a tough three months being away from the active world. Sure I still did some mellow abs and arm weight lifting routines, and I also tried to take on new activities like my paddle boarding adventure, but not being able to exert myself the way I am used to was just killing me. I missed the feeling of my lungs stretching themselves, the sweat dripping off of me, and the burn in my legs. Plus, I can't wait to work on getting the weight off again. I gained almost a full 10 lbs in the last month of waiting for my broken foot to heal. It's a little discouraging that I have so much lost progress to make up for, but I am eager to get back into my groove so hopefully within a few weeks I will see my body taking the shape that I hoped for earlier this year. 

That is all for today. I hope to have some progress updates soon :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

30 before 30: Get out of debt

I am proud to announce a very exciting update on my 30 before 30 list.

Although #3 of my list was to "get out of debt", I couldn't help but post on here (a little premature) because of some huge progress I have made on this one. 

My student loans were $22,901.85 which I started to pay back in April 2014. At the end of August 2015, they were completely paid off! WEHOOOOO! No more $1000-$1500 payments going straight to debt every month!

Now, the reason I can't officially check this off my list is because I still have the little bit of racked-up money on my Line of Credit (we have had a few large expenses lately - insurance for the cars was due, we had some work done on our jeep and our car this year, some pet medical expenses, etc.), but I am confident that if we could pay off almost $25,000.00 (including accumulated interest) in less than a year and a half, it definitely shouldn't take much longer to get the last little bit paid off!

I am so excited to get to the chapter where I am not in the negatives anymore and will soon be building equity! It is funny how debt looming over your head can change your outlook on life. I swear it's like the clouds are now starting to part and I can picture all this potential for opportunity to come my way!

Have you been stuck with the debt cloud looming over you lately? How do you deal with it?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I thought of the future & I drew a blank 
I thought of the past & my heart just sank
I spun in a circle & fell to the floor
My tears were in a puddle when you walked out the door

Your warming arms, your trusting heart
How is it I could let this fall apart

The rain it comes
The soul it drains
The broken beat
Of a washed away flame

This is my reasoning as to answer why
It may not be right, but it gets me by
You were perfect it seemed, not one single flaw
Then you spoke in vain & the true you, I saw
You looked at me with that cold hard stare
Because of you I can no longer bare

The silence has come
We speak no more
The bravery I once possessed 
Now lies dead on the floor

(Drawing by me in 2005)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

31 Questions

Since I have been lacking in post ideas for almost two weeks, I thought I would steal a link from Miriam and follow along with her 31 questions. Thanks Miriam!

Here goes nothing:

1. Where's your cellphone?
To my right, beside the mouse.  

2. Where's your second half?
At Cloverdale Rec Centre playing drop-in volleyball. I'm totally jealous. Normally I would be with him, but I just re-xrayed my foot the other night and it turns out there is still lots of healing needing to be done.

3. Your hair?
In a mini pony tail with the bottom ends falling out. In other words, a total disaster. I'm thoroughly hating my short hair.

4. Your mood?
Terrible. I want to be playing volleyball. I want to be able to run. I want to not feel left out when Mark gets to go out to volleyball and I'm stuck at home because of my stupid foot.  

5. Your plan for today?
It's already after 8pm so probably just watching some "Scrubs" on Netflix and then off to bed. I'm trying to switch back to a day schedule so I'll be in bed early. I might squeeze in some time updating my Langley Volleyball blog page as well (p.s. I've recently taken on running a Women's 6s Volleyball League: langleyvolleyball.blogspot.com).

6. What's the best you know?
I have an infectious smile.

7. Your dream last night?
A sex dream about me and the hubby...I'll save us all the embarrassment and just leave it at that.     

8. Your goal in life?
Figure out why/where all my worry and negativity comes from. Oh, and make a name for myself doing something I love.

9. The room you are in?
Spare bedroom. It's basically set up like an office with a computer table, but it also has a couch and an old school t.v.

10. Your hobby?
Volleyball, running, reading, writing, working out, and blogging.  

11. Your fear?
Mark falling out of love with me. Being scared when I die.

12. Where would you like to be in six years?
In six years I will be 32 years old. I want to, at the very least, have started some sort of endeavor building a company/business/project from the ground up, where I am making a name for myself based on something I love. In other words, hopefully I am running some sort of volleyball program.

13. Where were you yesterday evening?
At home, watching "Scrubs" on Netflix.

14. What are you not?

15. Something you wish?
For my foot to be healed.

16. Where did you grow up?
 Langley, B.C.

17. What was the last thing you did?
Took Captain for a short walk.   

18. Your clothes?
"Cambie" sweatpants and a turquoise tank top.       

19. Your TV?
48" LG.

20.  Your pets?
From oldest to youngest: Bear (6 year old cat), Mouse (4 year old cat), Captain Axel (1.5 year old dog).

21. Your computer?
No idea, it's Mark's, he bought it off some guy on craigslist and then put some work into it. I've owned three laptops, but one broke down, and two were stolen. I'm pretty sure based on that history I was never meant to own my own computer.

22. The best thing you own?
Books and board games. They do the heart good.  

23. Do you miss anyone?
The old me. I used to have a lot more energy, and was much more upbeat. Doing a night job has ruined me.

24. Your car?
1996 Plymouth Breeze (green). You probably have to look it up because you've never heard of it. It's similar to like a Dodge Neon-ish.

25. Something you're not wearing?
A hoodie. I almost always have a hoodie on, but surprisingly not right now for some strange reason.  

26. Favourite store?
Winners, American Eagle, Victoria Secret, SportChek.

27. Your summer?      
Bland with a few small spices of adventure. For the most part it was work, sleep, walk the dog, lounge, and read, but we did do a few exciting things. A few fun nights out, an over night trip to whistler, a day trip to the lake, paddleboarding and I think that was about it. Breaking my foot twice in 6 weeks kind of limited us, unfortunately.

28. Do you love anyone?
My Husband, Mark. There is nothing I wouldn't do for him.

29. Favourite colour?
Yellow, it's underrated.  

30. When did you last laugh?
Today. Mark played "get mom" with Captain. It's the game where Mark tells Capt'n to "get mom" and then Capt'n tries to nibble and lick my face and neck. Capt'n got his tongue all the way up my nose.

31. When did you last cry?

I hope you all enjoyed! And thanks again Miriam for the post idea!


There is so much anguish & heartache in this world that you're bound to be hit by it sooner or later. There's no escaping the cruelty of society. You can't hide from it by being alone, because even then there is mourning. 

We all have our misfortunes at which we struggle & suffer through. We can't stop that, we can only work through it. You learn to accept & cope with the situations you're in & eventually things will pull through. Sometimes things seem harder than others but heartache can only last so long, right?

. . . But then again, who am I to know anything.