Monday, May 21, 2018

Outside My Window

The trees sway in a rhythmic choas. The sun glistens high in the evening spring sky. The light bounces sharp off of the newly acquired, but still not hooked up, gas barbeque. The pollen looks heavy, yet floats swiftly through the breeze. I notice a faint film built up on the sliding screen door. Normally I'd be inclined to go clean it, but today, not even the slightest urge comes over me. I rest quietly on the couch, legs intertwined with my husband. He's focused on the tv, and I find my gaze shifting to his face. He barely flinches, and yet he has so many subtle reactions to every passing moment. Eventually he turns and catches me starring. I don't look away. His lips curve, and his dimple shows deeper than ever. He kisses me through the air and turns back to the tv. This man, he is the best thing about me. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Not Uncommon

Trust is not uncommonly lost. 

It's when you stop looking for it that you need to start worrying.