Monday, November 24, 2014

Afraid (2005)

I'm afraid of what I feel,

A lost soul with no hope.
I'm on the end of the tug-of-war
Where there's no more rope.

I'm afraid of my head,
For it knows too well,
This road that I'm walking,
It's sure to be hell.

I'm afraid of my dreams,
So sweet, but so deceiving.
I wake up with a smile,
But then comes the grieving.

I'm afraid of my heart,
Will it lead me the wrong way?
I've been broken before,
By the words you didn't say.

I'm afraid of the truth, 
It's never what I expect.
And when it's found out, 
There's nothing but memories left.

I'm afraid of what I feel,
A lost soul with no hope.
These words never spoken, 
My only way to cope...

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Fashion Fun-day #2

Welcome to outfit post #2. Again, these photos were self-mirror taken so I apologize about the quality.

Similar to last weeks post, I wore this outfit out Friday afternoon on my day off to grab a coffee and take the dog out for a walk. Probably a little dressy for the occasion, but I am a big believer in comfortable, easy to throw on dresses (and that's exactly what this is). I love this kind of outfit because I think it aims for my "effortlessly cute" look, and yet it can easily be dressed up or down just by changing a few accessories, and maybe changing up the jacket (i.e. a leather jacket instead of the vest and hoodie).

Although it was still sunny this week, it was definitely a lot colder. I decided to add the leggings with this dress to help keep warm. I love being able to wear a dress all year long, simply by adding a pair of leggings or tights!

Pretty much everything I buy is on sale. I very rarely pay full price. One of my favorite stores is Winners for that exact reason, discounted items. However, even with Winners being as discounted as it already is, I still usually wait for stuff to go on sale anyway! I feel way more confident in an outfit if I know I got it at a great price!

Dress: H&M (similar
Hoodie: H&M  (Yes, I frequently wear mens clothing!)
Vest: H&M (I got this on sale in the kids section for only $15)
Leggings: Garage (old - similar)
Boots: Payless ShoeSource (November 2013 - I wore these under my wedding dress as well)
Necklace: Bootlegger (old)
Earrings: Ardene (old)

I also ended up going out for dinner later in the evening to watch the hockey game and then to a friends place for some pool and ping pong, and the outfit was perfectly comfortable and casual for the occasion. Again, I easily could have changed up the jacket to make the outfit a little more dressy, but no need for it this time.

Here are some photos of the outfit "in action."
(Please ignore the hubbys hair and mustache. I swear he doesn't always look this creepy! He has since gotten a hair cut, but unfortunately the mustache will be around until the end of November!)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed outfit post #2! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Saturday, November 22, 2014

New job!

After a year and a month of work as a casual X-ray Tech, I finally got a position. Yes, it's only temporary, but at least it's a step in the right direction. 

Guess what the job is.....lucky me, it's nights...ugh. It's a five on five off rotation which I'm totally stoked about having the five days off, but doing nights until May (that's when the temporary job ends) is going to definitely be a challenge. I tend to do okay with one or two nights here and there, but five, I'm either going to be a total zombie, or I'm going to be a cranky emotional mess. I can't say for sure which one it'll be for sure yet, only time will tell, heh!

If anyone has any coping methods for how they tolerate graveyard shifts, I'd love to hear them. Right now, when I get a random night shift here and there, I tend to just try to sleep in as late as possible the day before, and then I bring tons and tons of snacks for me to munch on during my shift in order to keep my energy up.  Probably not the healthiest coping method...

I've done my first set of five on this past week and so far I survived. The third night was the worse. I was a bit of a baby, being all needy and unreasonable with Mark. But overall, I think I did okay. I didn't make any major mistakes during any of my shifts, I was able to sleep most of the days for at least a few hours. And I was still able to even get a few things done around the house in the evenings, i.e. laundry, dishes, walking the dog, etc., as if I was a regular functional person.

I am totally stoked now to have my five days off but I find myself debating whether I should turn my sleep back to days, or keep my sleep schedule on night mode. What do you guys think?

That is all for today. I think I still need a bit more catch up on sleep before I am able to get some more passion-filled writing down on here.
Check back soon! 


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Today I want to feature my youngest cat. His name is Mouse and we have had him for about 3.5 years....I think. 

We named him Mouse, honestly, because when we got him as a kitten he had these massive ears that totally made me think of a cartoon mouse! It was only as time went on that we realized it was quite fitting for his personality too. 

Mouse, or mouse-y (we have a habit of calling him this) tends to run, correction scurry (like a mouse), around the house with his belly as low to the floor as it can possibly get, similar to how you would expect a mouse with stubby little legs to run around. 

He's also a little bit of a spastic cat. He's extremely timid (he hid in the closet for almost a week when we moved into our current place), and gets startled easily, but slowly he warms up and has actually ended up being quite the cuddle bug. He runs and hides any time we have visitors over, but has slowly started to warm up to Mark's younger brother. Most people don't even know we have two cats, because so often Mouse is trying to keep out of eye sight. But if it's just Mark and I home, Mouse has no problem venturing out and doing the usual cat stuff, strolling between our legs, and nuzzling into our hands for more attention.

I'm pretty sure he absolutely hated us when we brought Captain home. But, over time I think Mousey has come to accept Captain in to the family, and now he will even tolerate being side by side with Captain, or sitting on the couch at the same time!

On the rarest of occasions Mouse will be brave enough to step a few feet outside our front door, but the moment even the wind blows, he is scurrying back inside. We don't mind though, we love that he is mostly an indoor cat, because it just means more time for him to cozy up with us or for him to hang out on his cat tree!

I hope you enjoyed meeting Mouse! He's probably the hardest one to catch photos of, but this definitely won't be the last time you see him!

Take care, 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Fashion Fun-day #1

Well folks, here it is. 

I debated long and hard about how to do my first "fashion" post. I put fashion in quotation marks honestly because I'm not that creative or trendy when it comes to fashion so It's really going to be more like outfit posts, hehe!
Anyway, I greatly debated about whether I should start with a more fun, "out and about" outfit, or go with my regular "out to work" outfit. Even though the whole scrubs outfit is a much more common occurrence for me, I thought I'd live on the edge a little and go with the "out and about" outfit. So here it is. Oh, and please keep in mind, I have yet to figure out how to get good full body self photos from my cell phone, and I haven't done any of my photographs while the hubby has been home yet for him to take the photos, so you guys are stuck with images like this for now. Sorry!   


This outfit I wore Friday afternoon, on my day off, while I went out and grabbed a quick coffee and took the pup out for a walk. Obviously this is on the dressier side for an activity like this, but it's a super comfy, easy to throw on dress, and I think the rubber rain boots definitely give it a more casual look instead of wearing say, a leather boot. The outfit as a whole is keeping pretty neutral in colors, but the pop of yellow from the boots, and the multi-color scarf give it a bit of flare!

(I've included pictures of the individual items as they hang because I am a big believer in trying things on. Some items might look silly on the racks in the stores, but when you put them on, they actually turn out way better than expected, and vice versa, you might love it on the rack, but it just might not work when you put it on your body)  

Jacket: Bridal gift from my sisters from Danier-November 2013
Scarf: Winners-November 2013
Dress: Winners-September 2014
Socks: Christmas Gift-December 2013
Boots: Roma online-April 2014
Earrings: Ardene-August 2014.

I really am so madly in love with the Roma boots. Living in B.C. I get lots of opportunity to wear them. They aren't the warmest boots (I usually wear a nice thick pair of socks with them), but they keep my feet totally dry, they were under $100 and better yet, when you buy a pair, they donate a pair as well :) Can't beat that.

Since Friday was a sunny day, I didn't need any tights or leggings, but in the colder weather days, I definitely add a pair and I'm good to go.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on my first outfit post! Did I pull off my attempt at effortlessly cute?


Friday, November 14, 2014

Puppy play date!

The other weekend Captain got to meet up with one of his best buds, Apollo, the Great Dane, at the Brookswood Dog Park in Langley.  Apollo's owners are Matt & Nicole (Nicole has a blog, Nicolejoycedevries). Only Matt was able to join us for this particular visit, but of course the pups still had a blast together as usual. 

Matt and Captain have a particular fondness for each other, so we have to be careful Apollo doesn't get to jealous, hehe! But all in all it's always a fun, and exhausting day when these two pups get to hang out!

They played endlessly at the Brookswood Dog Park, running, jumping around, knawing on each other, pinning each other down. It's so funny watching how the different dogs interact with each other. Captain gets along pretty well with any dog, but there's definitely a few that he has a particular fondness for. 

It just amazes me how much they pester each other, and are so rough sometimes, but they just seem to totally eat it up, and love it even more. 

It reminds me how I image young boys probably rough house together. I grew up in a house of girls, so I'm pretty foreign to the whole boys will be boys dynamic, however, I feel like watching the dogs wrestle and chase at the dog park is probably a pretty accurate assessment!

After about a solid hour of taking their turns pinning each other down, and chasing after each other, the pups, and us owners (let's be honest, mostly us owners), we're exhausted, so it was time to say our goodbyes and head home. 

We rinsed the pups off as best as they'll tolerate and then loaded up the cars and headed home. Captain was asleep in the car only minutes after being loaded up! All in all, a wonderful day!

I'd love to hear if your pet has a favorite friend, or favorite spot to play around!

Take Care,  

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two tournaments in four days!

In the last four days I have played in two volleyball tournaments! 

The first tournament, Saturday, November 8, 2014 was a charity fundraiser event for "Play for a Cause". It was co-ed 6's (minimum two girls on the court). We put in a team of seven people instead of our usual six, because I was coming off a night shift so I literally slept only six of the last 48 hours, and Sarah had a baby only two months ago so she wasn't sure how her stamina was going to hold up yet. Unfortunately our team did not play the best in the round robin, however we pulled it together and things started to mesh a whole lot better later in the morning and afternoon. The tournament ended up getting cut a wee short just due to timing issues, but our team ended up coming in third so not too shabby at all!
(Play for a Cause Co-ed 6s Volleyball Tournament at BCIT)
(From left to right: Matt, Sarah, Me, Mark, Steve, Rachel & Ritchie)

The second tournament I played in was through Cambie Sports on November 11, 2014 (don't worry, we all made time for a moment of silence in between games). It was a Reverse 4s tournament: 2 guys, two girls, ladies height net, and boys can only hit backrow. This tournament, as all Cambie tournaments are, was a total blast! Our team started out in the top pool for round robin. We went 3-2 so we got bumped down into the middle pool, and then went 2-2 in the play-off section. After all was said and done we ended up coming in third in the middle pool. Definitely not our best performance, but not our worst either! Haha! Our team had flashes of terrible, and flashes of totally amazing, but overall we played pretty decent (keep in mind it was our first time the four of us had played as a team together, and it's been several months since any of us have played reverse 4s). 
(Cambie Reverse 4s Tournament)
(From left to right: Jessamine, Lucas, Mark & Me)

Typically for tournaments, Mark and I only tend to play in maybe one, or two a month at most, and they're usually pretty spread out. But, having played in two so close together was tons of fun! Of course I'm pooped now, and my knees and feet ache like crazy, but all in all, totally worth it!

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite tournaments to play!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014


For all things blog related (questions, comments, tips, etc.), you can reach me at:

Tour of Blogland!

I got nominated for Tour of Blogland by Farm Girl Miriam. I am extremely new to blogging, only about a month or so in, but so far I am loving it. Miriam is actually the reason I even know what blogging is, and she has totally inspired me so I hope I do her proud with this post. 

I am pretty eager about this opportunity to get to know the blogging world a little better and with that I am going to start off with my featured blogger and then you can scroll down and check out my Tour of Blogland answers. 

Nicole Joyce Devries is actually someone I know in the real world too. I met her husband first by playing volleyball (are you surprised, lol), and quickly he introduced us, and even faster our friendship grew. I honestly only learned about a week ago that she even had a blog, but I love that her posts, although usually relatively short, are so optimistic, inspiring, and encouraging. This is a girl that is just filled with a light, blissfully energy and I'm happy that I now not only know her in the real world, but the blogging world too.

Nicole Joyce Devies
"For my blog, I'm just working on whatever inspires me on a day to day basis. I'll post a quote I come across that I relate to or want to encourage to others. Or I'll write a random thought or story of my life just because! Writing always makes me happy. When I was a child I had diaries and would hide in my closet and make up stories. In university I focused my studies by doing professional writing (which I use in my day-to-day-job as a marketing and communications coordinator) but my blog writing sets me free and I have no boundaries, which I enjoy! Most of my posts are about stories or situations in my life, love, fashion, well-being, aviation, work, music...oh geez, the list can go on!"

So here are my Tour of Blogland answers:

What am I working on?
Honestly, a few things, but nothing very structured. I'm starting a new position at my job in a few days which is going to put me on graveyard shifts so I'm trying to figure out how I am going to keep my sanity. I'm doing my best to consistently post on this blog, correction, consistently post quality on this blog, haha! And, as usual, I am trying to keep up living a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle. I'm the type of person that can get discouraged quite easily, so yes it does tend to take a bit of "work" for me to focus on the positive, and keep my motivation, but this blog has made me all sorts of encouraged and it's getting easier and easier to focus on the brighter side of things!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Being relatively new to blogging, I don't have a whole lot of posts, however, I think my incorporation of volleyball is probably what sets me apart most. I have only done a handful of volleyball related posts so far, but I am really eager to work on some posts with more pictures and even videos of all things volleyball related!

Why do I write/create what I do?
This one is a toughy! I started because I loved what Miriam was doing on her blog. I loved the photos, fashion, animals, etc. I thought long and hard about it, and decided, I want to put myself out there too. I'm still pretty timid about the whole thing, and haven't told a lot of people that I started this blog, but I wanted the challenge, and the chance to express myself uninhibited so this is where I ended up.

How does my writing/creating process work?
So far most of the time, an idea comes to mind, whether it be at work, at volleyball, in the shower, or on the couch, and I try to remember it for later. Once I find myself at the computer, I immediately start a new post, type down the idea, and any little blurb or thought that I might want to touch on. Usually I'll start three or four posts at a time, but honestly with only about one or two sentences. Then, some point later (anywhere from same day to several weeks later), I'll go back to that post and elaborate on what I had initially put down. Usually then I try to give it a day or so before I go back and proofread, and then finally I post. 

I know for the whole Tour of Blogland thing I was supposed to feature three other bloggers, and clearly I have only listed one. Unfortunately, I did not get much involvement from other bloggers on this one. A lot of people didn't reply what-so-ever (maybe it went to their junk mail?), and a few replied back but, were either too busy, or had already contributed with other bloggers. I feel a little disappointed by this, but honestly I am writing this blog for myself so I'm really not too bothered that I didn't get much contribution. 

Anyway, I hope those of you who did visit, enjoyed getting to know myself and my good friend Nicole a little bit better, and hope you will come back, and continue to check out future posts. 


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Five words or less

I asked my husband to describe me in five words or less (yes this might be slightly biased since he's probably hoping to get some tonight, but I thought I would roll with it anyway).

His response: Smart, dedicated, loyal, beautiful

So here is my analysis (it's only natural for me to over-analyze everything!):

Yes, I would love to believe that I'm a total smarty pants, but truth is, I'm only good at school. I like to have assigned readings, and questions to answer, and I'm good at taking notes, but actual intelligence, that's debatable. I'm the type of person who has to read, write, repeat minimum five times in order for anything to actual retain in my brain. And if you're thinking, well that's okay, she may have to work hard for book smarts, but I bet she's super street smart, that would be 100% inaccurate. You know how some people just seem to know things. Information just effortlessly falls out of their mouths. Sadly, I fail in that category too. The only info I do know is because I've been taught it, most likely from a book or teacher. 

As far as being dedicated, I think my hubby has that one spot on. If I commit to something, I go hard at it endlessly, even sometimes too much for my own good. For instance, before I knew better,  I stayed in a relationship well past its due date simply because I did not want to give up. 
I do think a little bit of my dedication probably stems from my competitiveness though. I did a squat challenge with a friend and my hubby and guess what, I won, simply because everyone else gave up after 2 weeks, whereas I committed to the full 30 days (hah, in their faces (I swear I'm not a sore loser)).
Volleyball is also a great example of my dedication. If I join a league, or play in a tournament, I do everything I possibly can to make sure I am there every week to play, or to make sure I can last the entire tournament. I once played in a 24 hour volleyball tournament, hurt my foot really bad, got dropped off at Emerg to take a few x-rays and make sure it wasn't broken, and then came right back and played the rest of the tournament until about 5am. Again, sometimes my dedication is to a fault.

I guess this one I would consider pretty accurate too. I don't have a large mass of close friends and family, but I would, undoubtedly, go to the ends of the earth for any of the people that I do have in my life. I do have a tendency to drift apart from people at times (I'm a bit of an introvert and can become quite anti-social), but I will always keep in touch and be there when it matters for the people I really care for. 

This.....well, this one I have a very difficult time with. Physically speaking, I tend to think the following things about my appearance:
-my legs are hefty;
-I have tiny boobs;
-my tummy is becoming a bit of a gut instead; and 
-I have an alien shaped oval head with sunken in beady eyes.

I definitely don't have a ton of self confidence, but Mark reminds me everyday how much he loves the way I look, and he never hesitates to call me pretty or beautiful, even if I'm just bumming around in my sweats. 

As far as beauty in my personality, again I have a hard time with this, because I do tend to be a bit of a grump sometimes, I can be very closed off, especially if I'm feeling offended, or even just out of my element. However, being with a man like Mark I definitely learned, and am still learning to be a better person and embrace each day with a more positive, energized attitude. 

I'm so lucky that I have a man that loves me so much, and thinks so highly of me. I'm so grateful that he sees me in such a positive light. We all have bad and good qualities within us, it's only natural, and no one can be all good things all the time. But, as long as you find the people in your life who see the positives outweighing the negatives, then as far as I'm concerned, you've struck gold!

I'd love to hear how you describe yourself in five words or less.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Freedom (2005)

So I dug up some old writing that I did several years ago and I've decided to share. I have plenty more, but I thought I'd probably just do one at a time, here n' there, so as not to bore you to death!

Also, just to be clear, no I am not depressed. Yes, I am extremely happy in my life. This just happens to be the tone that seems to come forward any time I try to sit down and write seriously. 

So here goes nothing.....I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Freedom (2005)

My body aches, but no scars to show,
This kind of hurt, no one will know.
One deep breath and a smile appears,
The life in which I've loved to fear.
I fake my way through one day at a time,
My dreams they haunt me, living these lies.

Please let me break free 
Before I'm down on my knees
It's too hard to carry on
When you're only so strong.
And I try to believe
Won't someone rescue me
Please just take me away...

I fight and I try 
to carry on in my life,
But all I feel is the hurt inside

Every night, my tears, they fall,
The only one who understands, my favorite doll.
I squeeze her so tight, only she can see,
The hurt inside I want to let it free.

Dreaming my dreams, 
And screaming my screams,
They're wearing me down,
As I fall to the ground

I hit that ground with a cold, hard slam,
Because there's no one around to give a damn.
I shatter to pieces when I hit that floor,
And my body screams "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"
Please lend me a hand, that's all I need
Just one caring soul, and I will be free.

That is all for today, take care!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quite possibly my favorite place!

I spent the majority of my morning today enjoying the most perfect fall day. I headed to Redwood Park (about a ten minute drive from my house). There was a light fall rain sprinkling down as I unloaded Captain out of the car, but by the time we got through the parking lot and into the trail, the rain had let up and it was almost sunny. There was a crisp chill to the air but I had my boots and scarf so I felt just fine. 

Mark is the one that introduced me to this park. It's located in South Surrey, basically on 180th Street and 20th Avenue. Mark grew up going to this park as a kid. Him and his friends used to climb the trees, run through the fields and forest, and just do what boys do. 

Mark eventually brought me here and we quickly added this to our list of places for our weekend morning walks. I could not get over the full forest feel, yet with so much more to offer. 

This park has dense forest, well groomed pathways, enormous trees, picnic tables both small and large, a playground, open fields, and even a tree house. 

This park is filled with a breath-taking history as well. It has over 50 different native and exotic species of trees planted in it. The brothers who owned the land many years ago, lived in a tree house in the centre of the park (there is currently a reconstructed tree house as tribute to them) and they collected seeds from all over the world in order to make this park what it is.

The first time I walked through the trails it was amazing how strongly this place spoke to me. So strongly in fact, Mark and I ended up choosing this park to hold our wedding ceremony. The park is just so romantic for us. These strong overpowering trees, but with such a unique delicacy, it just suited us so well. 

(November 30, 2014)
I have not travelled the world wide and far, but even still, I am confident to say that this is by far my favorite place to be.  So much history, so much natural beauty, how could I resist?


I hope you enjoyed my favorite spot. I would love to hear about your favorite places too!


Fashion? Style?


I actually know very little on this topic.....I like to try to look good. I would say I try to aim for a style that says: Look how cute I look, but I didn't even have to try.

Sadly, I fail at this almost every time. Because, even if I do end up liking the outfit I come up with, it probably took me minimum two hours of rummaging through my closet, barrelling through drawers and hangers of clothing that I just don't seem to be satisfied with. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a lot of the clothes I have, but one day I may love the way I look in a shirt or pair of pants, and the next, I'll think that same top or bottoms is terribly unflattering in some way.

Most of the time, if I don't actually have somewhere to be, I spend most of my time in cozy sweats, and oversized sweaters (this probably is also partly because if I'm not wearing my scrubs for work, I'm usually headed to volleyball in my sweats, or out for a run). That being said though, I do every once in a while like to try to make myself presentable. 

Thankfully I have my fashionista sister, Dianna, who I can always count on for advice, but I really do wish it came a little more naturally on my own.  

About a month ago she came over and helped me purge my closet. I started by just getting rid of anything damaged (holes, permanent sweat stains, ripped seams, etc.). I then went and literally tried everything on. If it didn't fit, gone, if it was worn thin, gone. (I did hang on to a few pairs of my smaller jeans just in case, because I just didn't quite have the heart to ditch them yet).

I then went through and categorized all my clothing: t-shirts together, layering tanks together, blouses together, dresses together, etc. In each category I then made sure I didn't have too many duplicates . If I had two long sleeve grey sweaters, I chose which was in better condition, or fit better, and that was the one I kept. Of course there always are a few exceptions, if both we're in really good condition and fit well, they do both get to stay (you don't want to just be throwing away $$).

After all was said and done, I think I ended up with a pretty good assortment of items. We then went through and Dianna showed me some suggestions for how to pair items. I realized I had a lot of items in my closet, that I just didn't know how or when to wear. Thankfully, she was able to give me some great suggestions and now I feel like I have a pretty workable wardrobe. I hope to start posting some outfit photos in the near future. 

My goal is to start snapping a photo any time I feel good in the outfit I'm wearing so that way, 1) I'll hopefully get some outfit posts going on here, and 2) I'll have a better recollection of the combinations of clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.

I hope you check back soon, and I would love to hear about your favourite fashions :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Getting involved!

You might be finding it hard to get involved in volleyball, or finding out where you can play. I was lucky enough to get involved through my high school coaches/teams and then it just kind of progressed from there, but some people aren't so lucky, or start playing a lot later in life. No big deal though, I'm here to give you some insight on how to get involved!

Rec centres are a great opportunity to get involved in Volleyball, or any sort of sport or activity for that matter. So get on the internet or drive around and check out some local facilities. The quality of play might not be the highest, but it's definitely a good way to get started, and make a lot of friends (I met my husband at drop in volleyball). I recommend checking out the drop in schedules first but also don't hesitate to see if they offer any leagues or tournaments as well (the level of play will be a bit better in a league setting)

Some of the best people I've met playing drop-in volleyball
(From left to right: Trevor, Justin, Sarah, Myself, Mark (my husband), & James)

Just for reference, here are some of the places I currently play:
  • South Surrey Rec Centre: Monday co-ed drop in
  • Cloverdale Rec Centre: Thursday co-ed drop in
  • Langley Christian High school: Thursday Women's 6s league
  • Abbotsford Christian School: Sunday co-ed 6s league
Here are some other local suggestions:
  • Pine Tree Rec Centre (near Douglas College): Wednesday co-ed drop in
  • Guildford Rec Centre: Wednesday co-ed drop in
  • Meadowridge school: Wednesday co-ed Reverse 4s league

If you're not really digging (pun intended) the rec centre idea, there are a few organizations I know of that also run some great Volleyball. If you aren't in the lower mainland you will definitely have to do some research, but please don't hesitate to message me if you need a hand:).

My husband and I frequently play tournaments/leagues run through the following organizations, they are usually pretty well priced, well run and of course a ton of fun! :
(Mark swinging from power at drop-in volleyball at South Surrey Rec. Centre)

I hope you have fun and I would love to hear how it goes getting out on the court!