Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Freedom (2005)

So I dug up some old writing that I did several years ago and I've decided to share. I have plenty more, but I thought I'd probably just do one at a time, here n' there, so as not to bore you to death!

Also, just to be clear, no I am not depressed. Yes, I am extremely happy in my life. This just happens to be the tone that seems to come forward any time I try to sit down and write seriously. 

So here goes nothing.....I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Freedom (2005)

My body aches, but no scars to show,
This kind of hurt, no one will know.
One deep breath and a smile appears,
The life in which I've loved to fear.
I fake my way through one day at a time,
My dreams they haunt me, living these lies.

Please let me break free 
Before I'm down on my knees
It's too hard to carry on
When you're only so strong.
And I try to believe
Won't someone rescue me
Please just take me away...

I fight and I try 
to carry on in my life,
But all I feel is the hurt inside

Every night, my tears, they fall,
The only one who understands, my favorite doll.
I squeeze her so tight, only she can see,
The hurt inside I want to let it free.

Dreaming my dreams, 
And screaming my screams,
They're wearing me down,
As I fall to the ground

I hit that ground with a cold, hard slam,
Because there's no one around to give a damn.
I shatter to pieces when I hit that floor,
And my body screams "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"
Please lend me a hand, that's all I need
Just one caring soul, and I will be free.

That is all for today, take care!

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  1. Wow, I got goosebumps! You should be a songwriter, this could be the lyrics for a great hit!