Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Fashion Fun-day #2

Welcome to outfit post #2. Again, these photos were self-mirror taken so I apologize about the quality.

Similar to last weeks post, I wore this outfit out Friday afternoon on my day off to grab a coffee and take the dog out for a walk. Probably a little dressy for the occasion, but I am a big believer in comfortable, easy to throw on dresses (and that's exactly what this is). I love this kind of outfit because I think it aims for my "effortlessly cute" look, and yet it can easily be dressed up or down just by changing a few accessories, and maybe changing up the jacket (i.e. a leather jacket instead of the vest and hoodie).

Although it was still sunny this week, it was definitely a lot colder. I decided to add the leggings with this dress to help keep warm. I love being able to wear a dress all year long, simply by adding a pair of leggings or tights!

Pretty much everything I buy is on sale. I very rarely pay full price. One of my favorite stores is Winners for that exact reason, discounted items. However, even with Winners being as discounted as it already is, I still usually wait for stuff to go on sale anyway! I feel way more confident in an outfit if I know I got it at a great price!

Dress: H&M (similar
Hoodie: H&M  (Yes, I frequently wear mens clothing!)
Vest: H&M (I got this on sale in the kids section for only $15)
Leggings: Garage (old - similar)
Boots: Payless ShoeSource (November 2013 - I wore these under my wedding dress as well)
Necklace: Bootlegger (old)
Earrings: Ardene (old)

I also ended up going out for dinner later in the evening to watch the hockey game and then to a friends place for some pool and ping pong, and the outfit was perfectly comfortable and casual for the occasion. Again, I easily could have changed up the jacket to make the outfit a little more dressy, but no need for it this time.

Here are some photos of the outfit "in action."
(Please ignore the hubbys hair and mustache. I swear he doesn't always look this creepy! He has since gotten a hair cut, but unfortunately the mustache will be around until the end of November!)

Anyway, hope you enjoyed outfit post #2! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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