Sunday, November 9, 2014

Five words or less

I asked my husband to describe me in five words or less (yes this might be slightly biased since he's probably hoping to get some tonight, but I thought I would roll with it anyway).

His response: Smart, dedicated, loyal, beautiful

So here is my analysis (it's only natural for me to over-analyze everything!):

Yes, I would love to believe that I'm a total smarty pants, but truth is, I'm only good at school. I like to have assigned readings, and questions to answer, and I'm good at taking notes, but actual intelligence, that's debatable. I'm the type of person who has to read, write, repeat minimum five times in order for anything to actual retain in my brain. And if you're thinking, well that's okay, she may have to work hard for book smarts, but I bet she's super street smart, that would be 100% inaccurate. You know how some people just seem to know things. Information just effortlessly falls out of their mouths. Sadly, I fail in that category too. The only info I do know is because I've been taught it, most likely from a book or teacher. 

As far as being dedicated, I think my hubby has that one spot on. If I commit to something, I go hard at it endlessly, even sometimes too much for my own good. For instance, before I knew better,  I stayed in a relationship well past its due date simply because I did not want to give up. 
I do think a little bit of my dedication probably stems from my competitiveness though. I did a squat challenge with a friend and my hubby and guess what, I won, simply because everyone else gave up after 2 weeks, whereas I committed to the full 30 days (hah, in their faces (I swear I'm not a sore loser)).
Volleyball is also a great example of my dedication. If I join a league, or play in a tournament, I do everything I possibly can to make sure I am there every week to play, or to make sure I can last the entire tournament. I once played in a 24 hour volleyball tournament, hurt my foot really bad, got dropped off at Emerg to take a few x-rays and make sure it wasn't broken, and then came right back and played the rest of the tournament until about 5am. Again, sometimes my dedication is to a fault.

I guess this one I would consider pretty accurate too. I don't have a large mass of close friends and family, but I would, undoubtedly, go to the ends of the earth for any of the people that I do have in my life. I do have a tendency to drift apart from people at times (I'm a bit of an introvert and can become quite anti-social), but I will always keep in touch and be there when it matters for the people I really care for. 

This.....well, this one I have a very difficult time with. Physically speaking, I tend to think the following things about my appearance:
-my legs are hefty;
-I have tiny boobs;
-my tummy is becoming a bit of a gut instead; and 
-I have an alien shaped oval head with sunken in beady eyes.

I definitely don't have a ton of self confidence, but Mark reminds me everyday how much he loves the way I look, and he never hesitates to call me pretty or beautiful, even if I'm just bumming around in my sweats. 

As far as beauty in my personality, again I have a hard time with this, because I do tend to be a bit of a grump sometimes, I can be very closed off, especially if I'm feeling offended, or even just out of my element. However, being with a man like Mark I definitely learned, and am still learning to be a better person and embrace each day with a more positive, energized attitude. 

I'm so lucky that I have a man that loves me so much, and thinks so highly of me. I'm so grateful that he sees me in such a positive light. We all have bad and good qualities within us, it's only natural, and no one can be all good things all the time. But, as long as you find the people in your life who see the positives outweighing the negatives, then as far as I'm concerned, you've struck gold!

I'd love to hear how you describe yourself in five words or less.


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