Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quite possibly my favorite place!

I spent the majority of my morning today enjoying the most perfect fall day. I headed to Redwood Park (about a ten minute drive from my house). There was a light fall rain sprinkling down as I unloaded Captain out of the car, but by the time we got through the parking lot and into the trail, the rain had let up and it was almost sunny. There was a crisp chill to the air but I had my boots and scarf so I felt just fine. 

Mark is the one that introduced me to this park. It's located in South Surrey, basically on 180th Street and 20th Avenue. Mark grew up going to this park as a kid. Him and his friends used to climb the trees, run through the fields and forest, and just do what boys do. 

Mark eventually brought me here and we quickly added this to our list of places for our weekend morning walks. I could not get over the full forest feel, yet with so much more to offer. 

This park has dense forest, well groomed pathways, enormous trees, picnic tables both small and large, a playground, open fields, and even a tree house. 

This park is filled with a breath-taking history as well. It has over 50 different native and exotic species of trees planted in it. The brothers who owned the land many years ago, lived in a tree house in the centre of the park (there is currently a reconstructed tree house as tribute to them) and they collected seeds from all over the world in order to make this park what it is.

The first time I walked through the trails it was amazing how strongly this place spoke to me. So strongly in fact, Mark and I ended up choosing this park to hold our wedding ceremony. The park is just so romantic for us. These strong overpowering trees, but with such a unique delicacy, it just suited us so well. 

(November 30, 2014)
I have not travelled the world wide and far, but even still, I am confident to say that this is by far my favorite place to be.  So much history, so much natural beauty, how could I resist?


I hope you enjoyed my favorite spot. I would love to hear about your favorite places too!


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