Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two tournaments in four days!

In the last four days I have played in two volleyball tournaments! 

The first tournament, Saturday, November 8, 2014 was a charity fundraiser event for "Play for a Cause". It was co-ed 6's (minimum two girls on the court). We put in a team of seven people instead of our usual six, because I was coming off a night shift so I literally slept only six of the last 48 hours, and Sarah had a baby only two months ago so she wasn't sure how her stamina was going to hold up yet. Unfortunately our team did not play the best in the round robin, however we pulled it together and things started to mesh a whole lot better later in the morning and afternoon. The tournament ended up getting cut a wee short just due to timing issues, but our team ended up coming in third so not too shabby at all!
(Play for a Cause Co-ed 6s Volleyball Tournament at BCIT)
(From left to right: Matt, Sarah, Me, Mark, Steve, Rachel & Ritchie)

The second tournament I played in was through Cambie Sports on November 11, 2014 (don't worry, we all made time for a moment of silence in between games). It was a Reverse 4s tournament: 2 guys, two girls, ladies height net, and boys can only hit backrow. This tournament, as all Cambie tournaments are, was a total blast! Our team started out in the top pool for round robin. We went 3-2 so we got bumped down into the middle pool, and then went 2-2 in the play-off section. After all was said and done we ended up coming in third in the middle pool. Definitely not our best performance, but not our worst either! Haha! Our team had flashes of terrible, and flashes of totally amazing, but overall we played pretty decent (keep in mind it was our first time the four of us had played as a team together, and it's been several months since any of us have played reverse 4s). 
(Cambie Reverse 4s Tournament)
(From left to right: Jessamine, Lucas, Mark & Me)

Typically for tournaments, Mark and I only tend to play in maybe one, or two a month at most, and they're usually pretty spread out. But, having played in two so close together was tons of fun! Of course I'm pooped now, and my knees and feet ache like crazy, but all in all, totally worth it!

I'd love to hear about some of your favorite tournaments to play!


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