Monday, November 3, 2014

Getting involved!

You might be finding it hard to get involved in volleyball, or finding out where you can play. I was lucky enough to get involved through my high school coaches/teams and then it just kind of progressed from there, but some people aren't so lucky, or start playing a lot later in life. No big deal though, I'm here to give you some insight on how to get involved!

Rec centres are a great opportunity to get involved in Volleyball, or any sort of sport or activity for that matter. So get on the internet or drive around and check out some local facilities. The quality of play might not be the highest, but it's definitely a good way to get started, and make a lot of friends (I met my husband at drop in volleyball). I recommend checking out the drop in schedules first but also don't hesitate to see if they offer any leagues or tournaments as well (the level of play will be a bit better in a league setting)

Some of the best people I've met playing drop-in volleyball
(From left to right: Trevor, Justin, Sarah, Myself, Mark (my husband), & James)

Just for reference, here are some of the places I currently play:
  • South Surrey Rec Centre: Monday co-ed drop in
  • Cloverdale Rec Centre: Thursday co-ed drop in
  • Langley Christian High school: Thursday Women's 6s league
  • Abbotsford Christian School: Sunday co-ed 6s league
Here are some other local suggestions:
  • Pine Tree Rec Centre (near Douglas College): Wednesday co-ed drop in
  • Guildford Rec Centre: Wednesday co-ed drop in
  • Meadowridge school: Wednesday co-ed Reverse 4s league

If you're not really digging (pun intended) the rec centre idea, there are a few organizations I know of that also run some great Volleyball. If you aren't in the lower mainland you will definitely have to do some research, but please don't hesitate to message me if you need a hand:).

My husband and I frequently play tournaments/leagues run through the following organizations, they are usually pretty well priced, well run and of course a ton of fun! :
(Mark swinging from power at drop-in volleyball at South Surrey Rec. Centre)

I hope you have fun and I would love to hear how it goes getting out on the court!


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