Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tour of Blogland!

I got nominated for Tour of Blogland by Farm Girl Miriam. I am extremely new to blogging, only about a month or so in, but so far I am loving it. Miriam is actually the reason I even know what blogging is, and she has totally inspired me so I hope I do her proud with this post. 

I am pretty eager about this opportunity to get to know the blogging world a little better and with that I am going to start off with my featured blogger and then you can scroll down and check out my Tour of Blogland answers. 

Nicole Joyce Devries is actually someone I know in the real world too. I met her husband first by playing volleyball (are you surprised, lol), and quickly he introduced us, and even faster our friendship grew. I honestly only learned about a week ago that she even had a blog, but I love that her posts, although usually relatively short, are so optimistic, inspiring, and encouraging. This is a girl that is just filled with a light, blissfully energy and I'm happy that I now not only know her in the real world, but the blogging world too.

Nicole Joyce Devies
"For my blog, I'm just working on whatever inspires me on a day to day basis. I'll post a quote I come across that I relate to or want to encourage to others. Or I'll write a random thought or story of my life just because! Writing always makes me happy. When I was a child I had diaries and would hide in my closet and make up stories. In university I focused my studies by doing professional writing (which I use in my day-to-day-job as a marketing and communications coordinator) but my blog writing sets me free and I have no boundaries, which I enjoy! Most of my posts are about stories or situations in my life, love, fashion, well-being, aviation, work, music...oh geez, the list can go on!"

So here are my Tour of Blogland answers:

What am I working on?
Honestly, a few things, but nothing very structured. I'm starting a new position at my job in a few days which is going to put me on graveyard shifts so I'm trying to figure out how I am going to keep my sanity. I'm doing my best to consistently post on this blog, correction, consistently post quality on this blog, haha! And, as usual, I am trying to keep up living a happy, positive and healthy lifestyle. I'm the type of person that can get discouraged quite easily, so yes it does tend to take a bit of "work" for me to focus on the positive, and keep my motivation, but this blog has made me all sorts of encouraged and it's getting easier and easier to focus on the brighter side of things!

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
Being relatively new to blogging, I don't have a whole lot of posts, however, I think my incorporation of volleyball is probably what sets me apart most. I have only done a handful of volleyball related posts so far, but I am really eager to work on some posts with more pictures and even videos of all things volleyball related!

Why do I write/create what I do?
This one is a toughy! I started because I loved what Miriam was doing on her blog. I loved the photos, fashion, animals, etc. I thought long and hard about it, and decided, I want to put myself out there too. I'm still pretty timid about the whole thing, and haven't told a lot of people that I started this blog, but I wanted the challenge, and the chance to express myself uninhibited so this is where I ended up.

How does my writing/creating process work?
So far most of the time, an idea comes to mind, whether it be at work, at volleyball, in the shower, or on the couch, and I try to remember it for later. Once I find myself at the computer, I immediately start a new post, type down the idea, and any little blurb or thought that I might want to touch on. Usually I'll start three or four posts at a time, but honestly with only about one or two sentences. Then, some point later (anywhere from same day to several weeks later), I'll go back to that post and elaborate on what I had initially put down. Usually then I try to give it a day or so before I go back and proofread, and then finally I post. 

I know for the whole Tour of Blogland thing I was supposed to feature three other bloggers, and clearly I have only listed one. Unfortunately, I did not get much involvement from other bloggers on this one. A lot of people didn't reply what-so-ever (maybe it went to their junk mail?), and a few replied back but, were either too busy, or had already contributed with other bloggers. I feel a little disappointed by this, but honestly I am writing this blog for myself so I'm really not too bothered that I didn't get much contribution. 

Anyway, I hope those of you who did visit, enjoyed getting to know myself and my good friend Nicole a little bit better, and hope you will come back, and continue to check out future posts. 



  1. Welcome to blogland :) I remember the first time I had to reach out to other bloggers, I hated it but the more you do it the easier it gets. I think it took me about 3 months before I got comfortable. Yes, I don't think I've read too many blogs about volleyball :) I started my blog because I wanted the challenge too!

    1. Hey Mariah, thanks for checking out my blog! Yes it is a little daunting trying to get involved with other bloggers. It's such a funny concept to just go onto someone else's page and post a comment, I find myself thinking, "why should they care what I have to say". But, it is getting easier and easier and I'm hopeful my community will soon start growing so I appreciate the support!
      P.s. I've commented on your "childfree are we" page!