Monday, December 26, 2016

Bed Rest

I've been meaning to do a post-Mexico blog post (we went away for our 3 year wedding anniversary) but honestly I've been sick since we got back, and it's taken all my energy/motivation away! 

It's now past Christmas and I realize I still haven't posted but it also seems my sickness has escalated even worse compared to earlier this month. I've spent the last three days bed/couch ridden, drenched in sweat or smothered in blankets to avoid the chills, fighting off spine and leg muscle spasms, and barely keeping my eyes open from such severe headaches.  

I generally tend to catch a little cold around this time of the year (working in a hospital around flu season has its downfalls), but this year is by far the worst it's been in a while! 

That being said I am slowly starting to feel improvements in my overall state of being, so I hope to have my post mexico details up soon! 

(Captain keeping a watchful eye overy me as I suffered through sickness over this holiday season)