Friday, April 24, 2015

2600kms to Alberta and Back

The most eventful part of my 2 week vacation was the road trip to Leduc, Alberta with the hubby and the pup. We piled up in the car early Thursday morning and hit the highway heading north east by 7:15am. 

We had the most perfect driving weather. We had mostly overcast skies, with bits of sunshine here and there. It wasn't too sunny making us squint the whole time and it wasn't wet and rainy making it slippery. The worst weather we had while driving was just some big gusts of wind. 

We got to see a lit bit of wildlife along the roads, some mountain goats and a baby dear, but other than that we mostly just enjoyed the beautiful BC mountains. 

If I remember correctly we hit the Alberta border by about 2pm.

And then we finally made it to Leduc, Alberta by about 730pm. It was a long 12 hours of travelling, but we all survived it just fine. Honestly, I was most impressed with how well Captain did. He did not whine or cry one single time, and never hesitated to jump back in the car after pee and snack breaks. He was however, looking a little restless by the end of the drive.

Once we arrived in Leduc we found the closest dog park and let Captain and ourselves run our legs out. As chilly as it was, it felt good to have the fresh air on our faces and wind in our hair. We made it to our friends' house by about 8 where we introduced the dogs to each other. Captain and Izzy got along so well, it was quite fun for us puppy parents to watch!

(Izzy and Captain hanging out in the car after the dog park)
To be honest, overall we didn't do to many "exciting" things while we were visiting our newly engaged friends in Alberta. We went to the dog park everyday, enjoyed toasty cups of coffee at the kitchen table, visited a couple wedding venues, played some Personally Incorrect, shopped at West Edmonton Mall (pictures of purchases to come), had a couple dinners out, had a couple dinners in, and of course watched some play-off hockey! All in all it was just really nice to sit down and catch up with our friends. 

We then ventured back home Monday morning. We left Edmonton around 1015am, and made it back home by about 930pm. Thank goodness the drive home was almost a full hour shorter because we were all getting pretty anxious to get back. I meant to snap a photo of our "trip" kms in the car once we arrived home but I was just way to eager to get unpacked. We did approximately 2600kms of travel though in just a few days.

As much as I enjoyed the road trip aspect of the trip, I think it'll be a while before we do that many kms in just two days of travel. I'm pretty sure we are going to be flying when we head back there next year for their wedding, hehe, but who knows, I might change my mind when the time comes!



  1. Wow that is a drive!! I use to hate car trips, until we drove cross-country. It was amazing to see the change in landscape. Now, I have actually requested that we drive to San Francisco for a vacation instead of fly :) That is really good Captain did so good on such a long drive!!

    1. Yeah, we were really happy with Captain. And don't get me wrong, normally I loooooove car trips, however, that many hours/kms in that few days is what did it for me. I could have handled 10hrs per day no problem, but anything beyond that and we were cringing lol!