Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Listen Learn Love...

In my previous post  "Why Ink"  I talked about my first tattoo. I didn't include any photos then, but I got Mark to take a couple for me the other night so I thought I would include them today and maybe elaborate a little on my first tattooing experience. 

This tattoo is about four, maybe almost five years old. Of course it's a little bit faded now, but I still love it. It's on the back side of my right hip (slightly off-centered to the typical "tramp-stamp" location). I'm sure I still get tons of judgement for where it is, or even having it at all, but I don't care. It's meaningful to me and that is all that matters. (Don't mind my pyjamas in the photo, this was taken right before heading to bed!)

I got this tattoo done at I-kandi in Langley, and it was literally only about 11 minutes of total tattooing time. I was fine getting the actually tattoo done, it pinched a little, but definitely easily tolerable. It wasn't until the day after though, when I was taking my bandage off, that I literally fell over in the shower because of the mental thought of knowing that it was put in my skin by needles (I have an ongoing fear of needles)

Thankfully Mark was home that day though, he picked me up off my butt and gave me some juice and let me lay around the house the rest of the day, and then after that I was totally fine. Of course for about the first week or so though, I was totally paranoid that I was accidentally going to smear the tattoo off of myself, hehe, but I had nothing to worry about, and it all turned out just fine!

There was little to no scabbing, it was a wee bit itchy, but nothing a little lotion (un-scented of course) couldn't help, and I ended up with this simple piece of art on my body. Totally awesome!!

Initially, I had no real drive to get any more ink. I was more than satisfied with my first and only tattoo, but only about a year or so later, of course that little voice came back, and sure enough, I knew I wanted more. I tend to be pretty picky so it'll probably still be a while yet before I decide what any of my future tattoos are, but I'll definitely be doing a post in the near future to show you guys my tattoo #2 in the meantime!

I'd love to hear about your tattoos or tattooing experiences!



  1. I've always love those 3 words strung together, they are timeless! We should never stop doing all three.
    Also, your PSIS are picture-perfect! They should appear in a x-ray text book ;-)

  2. Haha thanks, Miriam! I didn't even notice! I'll have to send 'em in to BCIT! lol!