Monday, December 22, 2014

My husband is a zombie!

Recently my husband has turned into a zombie! 

Okay, not in the literal sense that he has died and now is the living dead. And not in the sense like me right now being on night shifts all the time and feeling like I am on autopilot, but there's definitely soooooomething going on. 

This has probably been going on for, I'd estimate, six months, but has become much more frequent in the last, probably, two months. 

I wake up in the middle of the night and I will look over in bed, and my husband will be laying on his back, fast asleep, but his right arm is sticking straight up in the air. Sometimes he's grumbling, sometimes not. But his arm will just be straight up! It usually stays like that for a couple seconds and then slowly it starts to lower down, and sometimes it'll even just flop down and smack me in the face (I sleep on Mark's right side). I have no idea why this happens and Mark never has any recollection of it happening. I've tried several times to gently grab his arm and gently lower it down so it's resting beside him, or on his tummy, but within a couple of seconds, he'll just put it right back up in the air. It's such a silly thing, but it really creeps me out. 

(I tried to capture a picture of it here, but I wasn't quite fast enough. He was already lowering his arm down.)
Mark and I have been sleeping in the same bed together for quite a while now, long enough to have gotten used to each other's sleeping habits. 

The only thing that ever was an issue before this zombie thing started was that Mark used to kick me a lot in his sleep. Never enough for me to wake up, but enough that when I'd shave my legs in the morning, I was covered in tiny little bruises all up and down my legs. This only lasted I think a few weeks, maybe a month, but he quickly got used to me sharing the bed with him, and it was never a problem again. 

I'm not sure what has prompted this little zombie arm thing going on, but hopefully it passes soon so that I will have no more nights being startled awake!

Does your significant other have any wonky sleeping habits?

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