Friday, January 23, 2015

Big, Wild, Bear Cat

Bear is the wild cat of the house. Mark surprised me with him about a month before we moved in together, so we've had Bear for about 5 and a half years. When we got him we had him and his sister as well, but unfortunately she has passed away since. 

Bear is very much a mostly outdoor cat. He prowls through the yard like king of the jungle. We probably should have named him lion, but Bear was just much more fitting, it seemed. 

He's a pretty independent cat, I mean, sometimes he has days where we literally will only see him first thing in the morning when we feed him, and then not again until about 11pm when we bring him in before heading off to bed. However, every once in a while he graces us with his presence and will spend an entire day inside with us. On these days I swear he acts more like a dog than a cat. Constantly pawing for our attention, rolling around on his back just anxiously waiting for us to rub his belly for him. Yes! you heard me correctly, he loves to have his belly rubbed!

I could probably type endlessly about this big guy but I think the pictures do him better justice so here they are:

Last time we weighed him he was almost 20 lbs, so like I said before, he pretty much is like a small dog! It's hard not to fall absolutely in love with this big guy, he roams like a wild cat, but is cuddly like a kitten!

Don't worry there will plenty more to come of this guy!


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  1. A cat that behaves like a dog is my kinda cat. He's the size of my Corgi! Very handsome and impressive little (well, really not-so little) dude! I have a dog named Bear, so I like him already ;-)