Friday, January 9, 2015

Status update on New Years Resolutions 2015

I thought I would give a little update on how I'm doing so far with my 2015 new years resolutions. You will find comfort in this post for one of two reasons. Either A) you are doing really well keeping up with your own resolutions and so by comparison you'll feel incredibly successful, or B) you will find comfort in the fact that you are not alone in completely floundering even though it's only 10 days in.

Stop biting nails:
So far I have not bitten my nails, but I definitely have picked at them more than a few times. Not sure if it's a sign or what, but I always seem to snag them when I don't have a nail file or clippers around, and then I end up getting irritated by the uneven edge and end up picking at it to try to smooth it out. This is something that has been and will probably always be a challenge for me, but I think the fact that I haven't bitten them yet is a step in the right direction. Right?

Workout on my days off:
So far I am successful with this one. I worked on the 1st and 2nd of January so I was not required to exercise on those days. Then I had the 3rd and 4th off work, but my 24hr volleyball tournament fundraiser happened to fall on that weekend, so considering I played 15 games of volleyball between 9am on Saturday and 730am on Sunday I think it's pretty safe to say that I am keeping on track. And then, since the 4th of January I have been back at work again, so I am not required to work out just yet. These next few days I am on my 5 days off so it will be a bit of a bigger challenge.

Spend minimum 1hr outdoors every day
Sadly, I am floudering with this. I told myself working was no longer going to be an excuse for this, but unfortunately, I immediately did exactly that. I woke up new years day feeling a little groggy from staying up late playing board games, went to my grandparents 60th anniversary brunch (I was only outside walking from house to car, car to restaurant, restaurant to car, and car back to house), slept in the late afternoon/evening in preparation for my night shift, and then went to work. I should have gotten off my lazy butt in the evening and enjoyed the fresh air, but I just did not get myself motivated. I worked until 8am on January 2, came home, went to bed, then woke up at 2pm and got myself ready to go to work for 4pm. I worked until midnight, went home, straight to bed, then got up at 730 am on Saturday, January 3rd and went to my 24 hour volleyball tournament, where I literally did not leave the gym until about 745am on Sunday, January 4th. I then got home, went straight to bed again, woke up late afternoon, lounged on the couch all evening, then got ready and went to work for my night shift. Of course, in the midst of all this I took the dog out to do his business, etc. but I didn't take the time to just "be" outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. I'll keep working on this one! On the 7th I did a bit better. Before/after my shift, I took Captain to the South Surrey dog park, but aside from the car ride I was only actually outside with him for about 50 mintes. On the 9th I tried again, this time Mark and I took the dog out to the field near our house and played around with Captain, but we actually were only out in the field with him for aout 35 minutes before we got to cold and called it in. 

Pay off debt
I am continuing to make my usual weekly payments towards my school debt. I have a little under $10,000.00 to go! I pay minimum $300 a week towards the debt, but typically I contribute anywhere between $300-500 a week. At this rate I'm looking at about 5-8 months to have it paid off! I can hardly wait to get this burden off my shoulders! That being said though, we have just recently found out that we have to move by March 1st which means our rent is likely to double, potentially even tripple, which means until we get our budget balanced accordingly, the school debt might have to take a bit of a hit.

No simplier way to put it other than so far I have not even looked in to getting this resolution started.  

I think I'm about half successful yet half failing this one. I was hoping to publish more than once a week to this blog, but I am quickly learning that I think I will probably have to settle for only once a week if I am lucky. I am constantly contributing to my draft posts in the meantime, but I find I will spend days tweaking and editing, or trying to come up with the perfect photo to go with a particular post, which is why it takes me so much time in between each published post sometimes. I'm encouraged that I'm already spending a lot of behind the scenes time blogging, but I really would like to get working on getting my posts published a little more frequently.

Eat out less (i.e. cook more)
I am still allowing myself to get my Timmy's coffee and sometimes bagel before work, but other than that so far Mark and I have eaten out for two meals (pizza and sushi and the sushi was the day after our 24 hr volleyball tournament so I think that's okay right?) in 2015. I know it's only been 10 days, and most people probably haven't eaten out at all, but for Mark and I this is a step in the right direction, so I'm feeling pretty encouraged that it hasn't been to much of a challenge to nip this bad habit in the butt (so far anyway...).

Coach volleyball
I am pretty stoked, yet incredibly nervous about this. One of the guys that my husband plays against in his mens volleyball league happened to ask if he knew anyone interested in coaching. Lo and behold my coaching opportunity has been served to me on a silver platter, and not only that, but it is a paying gig as well! I'm not sure how involved the coaching will be, whether I will be running entire practices, just running drills, or just being a helper to demonstrate moves and to toss balls during drills, but no matter what I am thrilled that someone is giving me the opportunity! I am super nervous, because I don't really know the main coach very well, I have't coached in almost 10 years, and well, I get sick to my stomach pretty much any time I get myself into something new. All that being said though, I can't wait to see what this opportunity has in store for me! 

Stop swearing
I was doing pretty good with this one on the first two days of the new year. I think I only said dammit twice, and all the other swears I usually caught myself before actually getting the entire word out of my mouth. I had a lot of oh shhhhhhh... and awe fffuuuuuu 's! Unfortunately, at my 24hr volleyball tournament, the swearing was a little harder to control and a few did slip out, but this is definitely an improvement so I am happy with my progress so far. 

I would love to hear how you guys are doing with your 2015 resolutions!

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