Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lonely Two

When someone dies you are left thinking,
Why is it he was alone drinking?
Did he not know how I cared for him so?
You see, this was a horrible way to go.
He must have felt such torturous pain
For the cuts he made were deep in his veins.

How could he just leave me like this,
The last words he spoke, a soft single kiss.

I come to his grave everyday 
And wonder what has caused him such pain.
But I'll never know the truth behind his smile
Because now he is but a few words in a file.
"Deceased," it says, "another suicidal teen" 
But to me he was different, a boy full of dreams.

We talked about marriage and a house of our own
A place for the children to call their home.

I can't help but wonder if I lead him to this
I tried my best to keep us in bliss.
Problems arose but we talked them through
Is it possible we were a lonely two?
He's gone now and I'm filled with sorrow,
I don't know how I can live through tomorrow.
So the tears I cry are never ending,
All because our hearts befriending.

I never stopped loving him dearly,
But I guess now I can see clearly.
In love we were, but apart at heart,
It seemed his life was hit by a dart.
So now he is gone, but in my heart he lives through
And now I'm the only one left of the lonely two...

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