Friday, February 6, 2015

Volleyball Terminology: Campfire!

Who would have thought there could be camp fires in volleyball. Picture this, everyone sitting around a camp fire, not in motion, just people, side by side, mesmerized by the flames. 
(From left to right: Nicole, Matt, Mark, James & Sarah)
Well, in volleyball a camp fire is referenced when the ball is put in the air (either by the opposing team or sometimes your own team) and then either one of the following two events occurs: 

1) Both players think each other is going to play the ball, so neither player goes for it and the ball lands right in between them;

2) Both players think it's their ball to get, and call for it, but then upon hearing the other player call for it, no one goes for it and again, the ball lands right in between both players, and they are left just staring at each other.

Most often camp fires in volleyball happen only between two people, but sometimes it can happen between more. Three or even four players might call for the ball, but then everyone backs off thinking one of the other players will get it. It's a very frustrating aspect of the game, but it definitely reinforces how important good communication is throughout the entire game.

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